Bigg Boss 17 Day 81 Highlights: Munawar breaks his ties with Mannara after fight; Bigg Boss reveals Ankita's priority list

    During the episode, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain got into an argument after she asked him to clean the garden. 

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 81 Highlights: Munawar breaks his ties with Mannara after fight; Bigg Boss reveals Ankita's priority list

    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 began with Mannara Chopra abusing Munawar Faruqui for not taking her side in the captaincy task. Samarth Jurel got upset with Isha Malviya as she voted him out to return the favour to Ankita Lokhande. On the other hand, Ayesha Khan also argued with Munawar Faruqui for voting her out. She also told Abhishek that Munawar couldn’t take a stand for her when she was her priority.

    An ugly verbal spat occurred between Mannara and Munawar when she told Vicky that she hates Munawar and she doesn’t want him to win the game. Munawar replied that it was Isha’s decision too to vote her out. Mannara said that he cannot take a stand for anyone and never return favours. Mannara told him that he is a hypocrite. After a long argument, Munawar told Mannara that they had decided to not support each other here as friends and he was clarifying it again, to which Mannara said then go to hell. Further, Isha said Munawar never took Mannara’s name for captaincy. Munawar angrily said that if he is not her priority then she won’t be his. Mannara got offended and said that he thinks that we are all his servants to keep him as a priority.

    Later, Ankita and Vicky got into an argument after she asked him to clean the garden. Vicky asked her not to give him orders. Ankita told him to respect the captain, to which he replied that she has to earn it. The argument escalated, and the couple began abusing each other. Ankita called him ill-mannered, ‘gadha’ and ‘jalkukra’. On the other hand, Vicky questioned her capability and added that she can go to hell with her captaincy. Samarth and Isha also got into a heated argument when he asked her to explain why she didn’t vouch for him in the captaincy task. Isha told him not to expect explanations anymore. Samarth said she can’t trust her anymore in the game. Abhishek apologised on camera for slapping Samarth the other day. He also asked Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room.

    Further, Isha also scolded Samarth for poking Abhishek and called him ‘Poking ka Shehanshah.”Samarth told her to go to Abhishek if she was feeling so bad. When Vicky came there, Samarth told him that Isha isn’t loyal to anyone. Isha told him to get lost and asked him to leave her alone. Nex morning, Ankita and Vicky got into unhealthy banter and she ended up calling her donkey husband. Samarth and Munawar got into a fight over washing dishes. Ayesha told Vicky that his hand-holding footage with Sana has gone viral. Ankita glared at him, and Vicky justified his act saying that she abuses me and that’s why he does that. Vicky flirted with Ayesha and the latter told Ankita. Ankita asked Vicky to stay within his limit.

    Bigg Boss asked Ankita to divide the ration among the inmates which is in her room for now. He called contestants one by one to her room and they could keep taking ration from there till she pressed the buzzer and then they had to leave with the ration that they took. Whatever was left at the end will be her ration. After the task, Bigg Boss revealed the priority list of Ankita based on her division of ration. The first one was Vicky, then it was Ayesha, Samarth, then Mannara, then Abhishek and then Isha. Bigg Boss said Arun and Aoora got the least amount of time. Towards the end of the episode, Ankita told Abhishek that he should have picked up the stuff mindfully so that everyone would have got things in good amount. He replied that he could not understand at the moment.