Cillian Murphy reflects on the depths of Tommy Shelby's character: Hero or Villain?

    Looking back, Cillian Murphy opened up about the complexities of playing Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders' fifth season.

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    Gone are the days when we eagerly awaited the return of Peaky Blinders' season five. And just like a fine wine or your grandma's vintage collection, some things become more cherished with time. Today, as we stroll down memory lane, let's revisit Cillian Murphy's heartfelt revelations about his iconic portrayal of Tommy Shelby.

    The taxing allure of Tommy Shelby

    Cillian's bond with Tommy is quite evident, even years after the show aired its fifth season. "It's an absolute gift, the character," he mentioned, emphasizing the affection and reach the show garnered. As reported by LADbible, "He's clearly a man who's suffered serious trauma... the damage that has been inflicted on him by others and by himself is coming home to roost." This reflection not only draws attention to Tommy's harrowing past in the trenches of World War One but also captures the essence of a character marred by inner turmoil.

    From gangster streets to parliament seats

    Season five saw a drastic shift in Tommy's trajectory as he transitioned from a criminal overlord to taking up a seat as an MP. Murphy pointed out the dramatic brilliance of this paradox. "Well there's that wonderful contradiction or conflict or balance between being a member of parliament... and then also being the head of a criminal gang," he observed. Cillian’s portrayal illuminated the fine line Tommy Shelby walked between his duty to the public and his inherent criminal instincts.

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    Yet, what added layers to his character was the looming shadow of far-right figure Oswald Mosley, as portrayed by Sam Clafin. "Tommy has to employ a whole new set of tools to battle with an ideology, as opposed to battling with a physical threat," said Murphy. This dynamic introduced a unique dimension to the show, steering it from mere gang wars to ideologically charged face-offs.

    The mere thought of Peaky Blinders' intricate plot and multifaceted characters translating onto the big screen is exciting. Director Anthony Byrne once remarked that such a transition '100 per cent could work.' Still, he showed a preference for the depth offered by the six-hour series format, an opinion shared by Murphy.

    A hero or a villain? When posed with this classic question about his portrayal of Tommy Shelby, Murphy shared his nuanced perspective. "I think we've gone beyond those tropes now in television, because we're examining someone's contradictions," he reflected.

    As we dive into the present, Cillian Murphy's words resonate, providing profound insights into the art of storytelling and the enduring appeal of characters like Tommy Shelby. Those were the days, weren't they?

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