Delving into Stan Lee's groundbreaking journey: From comics to Marvel stardom

    Revisiting a 2018 interview with Stan Lee, we unravel the legend's transformative journey from reading ketchup labels to creating some of Marvel's most iconic superheroes. His legacy continues to inspire.

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    Four years ago, we lost a legend in the world of comics. But the imprints Stan Lee left on the industry are immortal. His words, thoughts, and creations still resonate with us, and today we dive deep into a nostalgic chat from 2018 that encapsulates the genius behind the man.

    A Stint with Comics and The Evolution of an Icon

    Stan Lee's humble beginnings in comics were born out of passion. Even as a young boy, his voracious reading appetite was evident. “If I didn’t have a book to read I’d be reading the label on the ketchup bottle,” Lee once mused. As he ventured into comics, he adopted the pseudonym "Stan Lee," hoping to preserve his real name for more 'serious' literature in the future.

    But the universe had different plans. Growing increasingly disillusioned with the banal nature of the stories he was creating, Lee contemplated quitting. His turning point? A suggestion from his wife, Joanie, who said, “Why don’t you write one book the way you’d like to do it?” This was the birth of the iconic "Fantastic Four."

    Crafting Characters with Depth and Personality

    Lee's vision was clear. He didn’t want to create mere superheroes. He wanted characters with depth, emotion, and real-world challenges. "What are the things that worry them? What are the things that frustrate them?" Lee pondered. His emphasis on personality distinctions between characters made them stand out, much like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from classic literature.

    Collaborating with legendary artists like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Lee's dynamic work approach became a game-changer. Describing his innovative method, he said, "I would say, ‘Look Jack, I don’t have time to write your script...You draw it any way you want, I’ll put in the dialogue and the captions later.’” This synergy led to the birth of Spider-Man, Hulk, and the X-Men.

    When asked about his legacy, Lee simply hoped that people would remember him as someone who "wrote some good stories." Modest and endearing till the very end, he added, “You know, when I’m gone, I really don’t care. It doesn’t do you any good when you’re gone.”

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