Happy Birthday Sidhu Moose Wala: Late singer's mother's post on his birth anniversary will leave you teary-eyed

    Sidhu Moose Wala's mother Charan Kaur shares an emotional post on the occasion of his 29th birth anniversary today

    Sidhu Moosewala   mother

    Sidhu Moosewala mother

    Today (June 11) marks the 29th birth anniversary of Sidhu Moose Wala. The ace Punjabi singer-rapper was shot down by armed assailants in his village Mansa last year on May 29. On this occasion, his mother Charan Kaur took to her social media handle to pen down an emotional post remembering her state of mind from the time when she had given birth to her son.

    Charan Kaur wrote a long heartwarming post in Punjabi which translated as, “Happy birthday son, on this day, my wishes and prayers came true when I held you for the first time, felt in the warmth of the bosom. And I came to know that Akal Purakh gave me a son. Blessings, I hope you know there was a slight redness on the small feet, who did not know that these small steps had traveled the whole world while sitting in the village, and thick eyes with which you would see and recognize the truth. They did not know that you were giving the generation of Punjab a different view of the world.”

    She furthermore wished for her son to be happy on this special day. The note further stated, “Gone will be your pen, which was the identity of these qualities, which was held by your illusion-like small hands, which I did not know, that these hands had the ability to change the ages, and the head holding a precious crown like a turban had illusionary hair, which I did not know when I would tickle for the last time. If at that time the Akal Purakh had told me that the son of whom I had become a mother, he was born to guide the world to follow the path of truth and righteousness, I would have written the conspiracies and attacks in your account as my own. I would have written the parts, son. Of course, you don't walk me around, see, I always feel you around me, son, be happy wherever you are, this is what I pray for on your birthday. I miss you so much today.”

    On Sidhu Moose Wala’s death anniversary last month, his mother Charan Kaur broke down while paying tribute to him at his memorial. She also revealed that she and the rest of her family will keep on fighting for justice for her son’s assassination. Sidhu’s song ‘Mera Na’ was released posthumously after his tragic demise.