"He could be Adam Warlock": Chris Pine and Marvel's potential mega-match.

    Mashable's Entertainment Team makes a plea for Hollywood's favorite, Chris Pine, to join Marvel's league of Chrises.

    "He could be Adam Warlock": Chris Pine and Marvel's potential mega-match.

    When it comes to Hollywood's power pack of 'Chrises', Marvel seems to have cornered the market. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt have all donned the cape (or shield, or hammer) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving only one - Chris Pine, unclaimed. The folks at Mashable made a call-to-action in an open letter to Marvel, urging them to extend their Chris-collection and bring Pine into the fold, as reported by Mashable.

    "Marvel's Call of the Chrises: Chris Pine to Complete the Quartet?"

    "You have three of the four sanctified Chrises on your team. Do you even realize the power you would wield with one more?" wrote the Mashable Entertainment Team. Chris Pine, no stranger to blockbuster franchises himself, is ripe for the picking. His roles in "A Wrinkle in Time" and the J.J. Abrams reboot of "Star Trek" prove he's capable of handling high-profile projects.

    "Adam Warlock to Pine for?"

    Marvel's character vault offers a plethora of roles for Pine to step into, the most promising of which might be Adam Warlock, whose involvement in the Infinity Gauntlet's comic book stories is crucial. "He could be Adam Warlock, a character that's been teased already and who plays a key role in the Infinity Gauntlet's comic book stories," the team suggests.

    Key Highlights:

  • Chris Pine is the only one among the popular Hollywood Chrises not in a Marvel film.
  • Pine has proven his blockbuster chops with roles in "Star Trek" and "A Wrinkle in Time."
  • Marvel has a host of characters available, including Adam Warlock, which Pine could potentially play.
  • In the world of Marvel, every hero counts, and the Hollywood Chrises have proven their superhero capabilities time and time again. For the Mashable Entertainment Team, the inclusion of Chris Pine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the next logical step. "It's foolish at this point for Marvel to ignore popular opinion," they note. And with a track record as impressive as Pine's, who are we to argue?

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