'He’s about to get the shock of his life': Jon Snow Actor Kit Harington Expecting Second Child With Rose Leslie!

    "He's about to get a shock of his life," says Kit Harington, the actor behind Jon Snow, as he reveals Rose Leslie is expecting their second child.

    <p>Source: Tmz</p>

    Source: Tmz

    Remember that iconic "You know nothing, Jon Snow" line from Game of Thrones? Well, it turns out Jon Snow—ahem, Kit Harington—knows quite a bit about fatherhood! As reported by Cinemablend, Kit and Rose Leslie, the couple that fans just can't get enough of, are expecting their second child!

    "He's About to Get the Shock of His Life": New Sibling Alert!

    "He’s about to get the shock of his life, which is he’s about to get a brother or sister," Harington announced on The Tonight Show. Imagine being the first child and suddenly having to share the spotlight. Yeah, the life of a soon-to-be big brother is about to get real exciting!

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    Reality Check: The Fears and Joys of Second-Time Parenthood

    "I’m terrified," Kit confessed, talking about his rollercoaster of emotions heading into baby number two. Unlike the first journey, where most parents are "dancing through fields of daisies," the second run seems more like a hurdle race. Yet, you can see the twinkle in Jon Snow's eyes; despite his concerns, he’s excited and thrilled to expand the clan.

    The Couple That Slays Together, Stays Together

    From falling in love beyond The Wall to pranking each other with Jon Snow's severed head (yeah, you read that right), these two are the epitome of couple goals. The years have only seasoned their love story, and the latest chapter is yet another feather in their cap. "It’s always fun to hear news from them," and we couldn't agree more. Their love story is as epic as their Game of Thrones saga, except with a lot less tragedy and a whole lot more diaper changing!

    So here's to Kit and Rose—may their newest family member have as much adventure in their life as their parents had beyond The Wall! And for Kit, who once knew nothing, fatherhood seems to be a class he’s acing.

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