'I think we wanted some kind of little smile': Will Kit Harington return to heal Jon Snow's wounds in a GOT sequel?

    Kit Harington tantalizes fans with hints about a potential Jon Snow sequel, leaving us yearning for more. What's really going on in the exiled King of the North's head? And could Emilia Clarke make a dramatic return as Daenerys?


    Hearts stopped at the first-ever Official Game of Thrones Fan Convention when Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, took the stage. "He's not okay," the star admitted, concerning the tormented mental state of his iconic character post-GOT.

    "The greatest gift and also the greatest curse," is how Harington described Jon Snow's existence after that jaw-dropping series finale, as reported by Game Rant. Harington elaborated on the complexities of Jon's psyche, painting a picture of a man forever haunted by his own actions. His killing of Daenerys, Daenerys' dragon Drogon absconding with her body, and his self-imposed exile—all weigh heavy on his soul.

    Rumblings about a potential Jon Snow sequel have been floating around since earlier this year, even getting a nod from the grand maestro George R.R. Martin himself. "It was Harington who brought the idea forth to HBO," but the actor remained oh-so-tight-lipped about it during the panel.

    Harington delved deep into Jon Snow's post-GOT state of mind. The character is living with a cocktail of regret and trauma, contemplating actions like Daenerys' demise and the tragic death of Ygritte. Yet despite this emotional burden, the hint of a sequel keeps fans hanging by a thread.

    Emilia Clarke's Daenerys was last seen being taken by her dragon Drogon, fueling fan theories about a potential resurrection by a Red Priestess. Other GOT veterans like Gwendoline Christie have teased the idea of joining such a sequel. Imagine, if you will, a dramatic Daenerys return to confront a broken Jon Snow—it would be emotional mayhem!

    The GOT finale left fans polarized, but Kit Harington's revelations offer a sliver of hope for some narrative redemption. The sequel may or may not happen, but one thing's for sure: Kit Harington has us all abuzz with excitement, and we're here for it.

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