Hugh Grant's hilarious comic-con debut: Dungeons, Dragons, and... S&M?

    In a 2022 throwback, Hugh Grant humorously dominated the Comic-Con panel for 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,' leading to unforgettable laughs and revelations.

    Hugh Grant (Source:

    Hugh Grant (Source:

    Ah, 2022: when Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was all the buzz, especially with its star-studded cast including the likes of Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Regé-Jean Page. But, who'd have guessed the limelight would so dazzlingly focus on one — Hugh Grant? As reported by Time, Grant not only stole the Comic-Con show, he practically turned it into a one-man stand-up gig.

    The D&D Debut and the Cheeky Callbacks

    When the panel moderator let slip that Grant was a longtime D&D aficionado, Michelle Rodriguez was quick to joke about mixing up D&D with Grant's alleged fondness for S&M. Grant, ever the wit, clarified with a twinkle, “I’ve been an enthusiastic dungeon master for some years now. That’s a British pastime. National sport almost. I believe that’s why the Jonathans thought of me for this role—my reputation.”

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    Grant's Rollicking Romantic Revelations

    But what would a Comic-Con be without callbacks? When a fan, channeling Notting Hill vibes, mentioned "Horse and Hound," and enquired about Grant's spirit animal, he cheekily retorted: “It’s always been a nickname in the bedroom.” If that weren't enough, the panel went on to highlight Grant's romantic escapades, revealing that sword-wielding improved Regé-Jean Page's posterior, to which Grant added his own quirky twist about his own behind.

    However, the cherry on the cheeky cake was when Grant, after being cautioned by a director that a child was asking the next question, boldly shared, “For many years, I always take home a couple of extras. I’ve got quite a few now. And on this one, I have a few pretty extras I’m very very pleased with. They’re in my dungeon now.” Hugh, you sly fox.

    The Serious Side of D&D

    Amidst all the rib-tickling, Chris Pine brought some heart to the table. Sharing his love for D&D, he suggested the game as a tool for unity, saying: “If there’s one game that should be played in every single high school across the nation, it should be D&D.”

    In retrospect, it's clear that this Comic-Con was not just about dragons, dungeons, or even thieves. It was about unexpected revelations, bursts of laughter, and of course, the irreplaceable Hugh Grant, making it one for the books.

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