2007 Nostalgia: Drew Barrymore revives Music and Lyrics tune amidst Hugh Grant’s controversial remarks

    Drew Barrymore revisits her Music and Lyrics days, singing into a hairbrush in response to Hugh Grant’s playful jabs about her vocal skills. A melodious walk down memory lane!

    Drew Barrymore (Source: Parade)

    Drew Barrymore (Source: Parade)

    In a world where every gesture is amplified through social media, some things remain hilariously memorable, no matter the passage of time. Let’s go on a nostalgia trip back to March 2023, when the ever-radiant Drew Barrymore offered an impromptu song in response to a quip from none other than Hugh Grant.

    A Hilarious Hairbrush Serenade

    The saga began when Hugh Grant, on a fun segment with Wired, was quizzed about his singing prowess during the making of the iconic 2007 romantic comedy, "Music and Lyrics". Hugh cheekily commented on his co-star, stating, “Drew Barrymore was in that film with me, and I don’t think she’d mind me saying, her singing is just horrendous. I mean, I’ve heard dogs bark better than she sings.” As if that wasn't enough, Hugh added another layer to his comedic observation, sharing that once Drew's voice was tuned, she outshone him because of her heart, voice, and rock 'n' roll essence. On the other hand, he felt he sounded more like Julie Andrews trying to be rock 'n' roll!

    In a classic Drew move, taking jests in good stride, she decided to "sing" her side of the story. From what looked like her dressing room at The Drew Barrymore Show, she belted out lines from Way Back Into Love using her hairbrush as a microphone. Ending her performance with a cheeky, “Oh Hugh…bert. Hubert. That’s for you,” she gifted us with one of the most iconic responses in celebrity feud (or playful banter) history.

    Hugh Grant (Source: Bio.com)

    Not Grant’s First Gaffe of the Week

    Interestingly, this wasn’t the only time Hugh Grant had raised eyebrows that week. Following his playful dig at Drew, he had another moment in the spotlight during his viral interview with Ashley Graham on the Oscars red carpet. However, amidst all the jests and jibes, Hugh always brings his signature charm, ensuring his comments are taken in the light-hearted spirit they're intended.

    As we find ourselves on today’s date, looking back at these delightful exchanges reminds us of the fun, the frolic, and the unscripted moments that make the entertainment world ever so enchanting. Here’s to hoping for many more such candid moments to revisit in the years to come!

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