Huma Qureshi dominates in black at Farrey screening, Pics inside

    Huma Qureshi steals the show in a bold leather and denim outfit at the Farrey film screening in Mumbai.

    Huma Qureshi at Farrey screening

    Huma Qureshi at Farrey screening

    The screening of the Salman Khan produced film Farrey brought glitz to this Wednesday evening in Mumbai, and adding to the spectacle was Huma Qureshi, whose edgy ensemble was nothing short of a sartorial sensation. Spotted at the screening, Huma embraced the biker-chic aesthetic, proving that her fashion game is as formidable as her acting prowess. The Tarla actress was seen sharing a joke and posing with Sangeeta Bijlani and Apurva Agnihotri at the red carpet of the film's screening.

    Huma's attire was a bold symphony of black, featuring a tailored denim jacket with contrasting white and gold embellishments. The jacket, casually left open, revealed a black top underneath, contributing to the outfit's layered look.

    Huma Qureshi

     Her choice to mix textures was on full display, with the jacket's denim fabric playing off the sheen of the faux leather pants that clung to her frame, emphasizing her curves with their sleek fit.

    The pants tapered into a pair of high-heeled leather boots, which were as practical as they were fashionable, lending her height and a commanding presence. The boots' pointed toes and stiletto heels echoed the sharpness in Qureshi's own fearless attitude.

    Her accessories were thoughtfully selected, with a petite black crossbody bag that featured a statement clasp. It served as a functional yet stylish addition to her ensemble. On her fingers, she wore rings that glinted subtly, complementing rather than competing with her outfit's bold statement.

    Qureshi's makeup was a dramatic affair, with her lips painted a daring shade of red, providing the only pop of colour in an otherwise monochrome look. Her hair was styled straight and parted down the middle, framing her face and falling over her shoulders, the simplicity of the style allowing her facial features and makeup to shine.

    Qureshi's ensemble at the Farrey screening was a masterclass in combining the essence of modern street style with red-carpet elegance, a reminder that fashion is as much about individual expression as it is about trends.

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