'I hope he is forgiven': When Kurt Russel came to the defence of director James Gunn in 2018 after Marvel fired him

    Back in 2018 renowned actor Kurt Russell comes to the defense of James Gunn, who was fired by Disney over past controversial tweets.

    Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell

    When Kurt Russell, the iconic actor who infused life into the cosmic entity Ego in the $863 million box-office sensation 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,' lends his voice to a controversy, it demands attention. On a fateful Saturday night, Russell rose to the defense of director James Gunn, voicing his opinion on Disney's contentious decision to sever ties with Gunn.

    "It's a Part of Our Fabric Now" - Russell on Gunn's Controversy

    "It's sad. But it's a part of our fabric now and I get it," Russell shared with Variety. He went on to suggest that perhaps society's sensitivity was misdirected. "But I do think we're getting a little too sensitive on maybe some of the wrong people," he stated.

    James Gunn

    Russell's sentiments resonate with an open letter the 'Guardians' cast penned to Disney. The letter decried the character assassinations and mob mentality weaponizing, pointing to them as prevalent issues in the current era.

    "He Has a Wonderful Heart and a Wonderful Mind" - Russell's Defense for Gunn

    Beyond the controversial tweets, Russell urged the world to remember Gunn's talent and the joy he brought through 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' "You have to realize that when you are in that world as a comedian, a writer, whatever you're always stretching the boundaries and trying to find something which led him to something that the world loves," Russell noted. "He has a wonderful heart and a wonderful mind. I hope he is forgiven."

    Kurt Russell

    A Glimpse Into Russell's Disney History

    What makes Russell's stance noteworthy is his close relationship with Disney. Back in his teens, he signed a 10-year contract with The Walt Disney Company and has since developed a rapport with studio founder Walt Disney himself.

    A semi-true modern legend suggests that Russell's name was the last thing Disney wrote down before he passed away. The truth isn't as glamorous, but it hints at Russell's significance in the Disney family.

    The comments by the legendary actor, known for his "hardcore Libertarian" views and being the closest thing Disney has to royalty, had undoubtedly stirred the pot and perhaps played a part in James Gunn's return.