'I'll always be Aquaman' - Jason Momoa dives deep into future projects and environmental advocacy

    Jason Momoa passionately discusses his ongoing role as Aquaman, his involvement in the Sundance documentary "Deep Rising," and his dedication to environmental causes.


    There's a saltiness to Jason Momoa, and we're not talking about his oceanic charm. It's the passion and dedication he exhibits as Aquaman, a character he vows to portray as long as the tides roll in. But his involvement with the sea extends into real-life advocacy as well, making waves at the recent Sundance Film Festival.

    The King Under the Sea - Momoa's Aquaman Journey

    "Ain't anyone coming in there and taking shit," Momoa proclaimed at the Variety Studio. "I'll always be Aquaman." The statement came during a deep discussion about his future in the DC universe and his second standalone movie, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

    Jason Momoa (Source: Nerdbot)

    However, Momoa's not just confined to the sea king's trident; rumors have swirled about him playing other characters in the DC universe. Though tight-lipped, he teased, "there might be other characters" down the line.

    The actor's excitement for the Aquaman sequel was evident, especially when discussing the 55-page treatment he and his partner wrote, focusing on real-world issues such as climate change and melting ice caps. "It's us ruining our planet. We need to get it together and save our home," Momoa stated, emphasizing the environmental themes.

    Rising Above - Momoa's Commitment to the Environment

    Momoa's commitment to ocean preservation doesn't stop at Atlantis. At Sundance, he served as the narrator for the documentary "Deep Rising," which investigates the dangers of extracting metals from the seafloor.

    As reported by Variety, the documentary criticizes corporate greed and the destruction of ocean life for profit. It was a cause that Momoa could dive into headfirst, stating, "Listen, I never thought in a million years that people would be using my voice. It's wonderful and I just want to shine a light on films like this."

    Momoa's transformation from the heroic Aquaman to a real-life advocate for the environment proves that his connection to the ocean runs deeper than a blockbuster role. Whether it's fighting fictional villains or standing up to corporate giants, Momoa's journey resonates with an urgent call to action: "No deep sea mining, please. No deep sea mining."

    Whether we see him as the king of Atlantis or the voice for our oceans, Jason Momoa's impact is as profound and far-reaching as the sea itself. From comic book hero to environmental champion, his legacy continues to flow, making him a true icon of our times.

    In the words of the oceanic legend himself, "I'll always be Aquaman." And we wouldn't want it any other way.

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