'Indian women are the most active in the world' : Poonam Pandey slams Sonali Kulkarni's Indian women are lazy statement

    Poonam Pandey has heavily criticized Sonali Kulkarni's 'Indian women are lazy' statement. 

    Poonam Pandey Sonali Kulkarni

    Poonam Pandey Sonali Kulkarni

    Actress Sonali Kulkarni ’s latest statement in an interview created a lot of stir wherein she called Indian women to be ‘lazy’ and on the lookout for a well-settled husband to escape contributing to the household. It was met with a lot of criticism by fans as well as from some members of the showbiz. The latest to slam the actress is none other than Poonam Pandey .

    Talking about the same, Poonam Pandey revealed to Koimoi that she feels the statement is absolutely rubbish since Indian women are not lazy. The actress took a dig at Sonali Kulkarni saying that she does not know the latter and why she told this. Poonam stressed that Indian women are the most active people around the world since they overlook all the household chores along with managing their professional commitments outside the house. She added that this statement is equivalent to body-shaming all the Indian women out there.

    Earlier, in an interaction with a paparazzi, Poonam Pandey had again heavily criticized the statement of the Dil Chahta Hai actress. She also said that this does not apply to her since she has been working around the clock. The Nasha actress added that even men do not say such things in current times so Sonali being a woman herself should have known better.

    Apart from Poonam Pandey, earlier Urvashi Rautela also disagreed with Sonali Kulkarni’s statement and also briefly stated why the same does not apply to her. The Sanam Re actress said, “See the thing is... this doesn't apply to me. Because everybody knows I am an outsider. And everybody knows how hardworking I am, meine khud se apne aap pe.. apne balbute pe (I have made it by myself, without any support) I have made a career in Bollywood. Globally, fans they know me. I am the only Indian girl to win Miss Universe India twice. I am the youngest judge in history to just Miss Universe. So this, doesn't apply to me. This quote applies to all the velli (jobless) girls out there." On the work front, Poonam was last seen in Lockupp.