"I've Been Through Just About Everything!" Robin Thicke Opens Up on Co-Parenting with Paula Patton and New Life

    Robin Thicke reveals his journey with ex-wife Paula Patton through rocky times to successful co-parenting with therapy. Their son is thriving, and Thicke finds new love.

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    The "Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke has opened up about his rollercoaster journey with ex-wife Paula Patton, as they moved from a tumultuous divorce to a harmonious co-parenting relationship, which he credits to couples therapy.

    From Bickering to Bonding: The Robin-Paula Saga

    Thicke, 44, and Paula Patton, 45, first crossed paths at an under-21 hip-hop club when they were just teenagers. After marrying in 2005 and having their son Julian, they found themselves separated in 2014, following over two decades of being together. Thicke recalls, “When we were first going through divorce, there was bickering.

    Things took a turn for the worse with allegations of physical abuse, infidelity, and drug abuse by Patton, and Thicke's critically panned album, "Paula."

    However, as the singer confided to Extra, they found a solution in co-parenting couples therapy. He explained, "And then we used co-parenting couples therapy and that really opened the door for communication in a much better way for us."

    A Thriving Son and New Love: Thicke's Renaissance

    In a poignant reflection of their progress, Thicke joyfully shared, “And our son is thriving. Nothing makes you prouder as parents when you had some tough times … figured it out, and your son is thriving because of it.” This heartwarming transformation resonates as a testament to the couple's commitment to their child.

    In the midst of rebuilding his personal life, Thicke also found love with model April Love Geary, with whom he shares three children and is engaged to be married.

    Adding to his triumphs, Thicke's new album, “On Earth, and in Heaven,” marks a crowning achievement in his career, a reflection of his resilience. “Over the last seven years, I’ve been through just about everything a human being can go through,” he stated.

    From allegations and heartache to successful co-parenting and new love, Robin Thicke's story with Paula Patton serves as an inspiring lesson in overcoming adversity. His resurgence, both personally and professionally, has captured the attention and hearts of fans, who will be eagerly watching as this next chapter unfolds.

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