'Peace, love and fried chicken' - Paula Patton responds to critics of her mom's famous fried chicken recipe

    Paula Patton causes a stir by frying 138 chicken wings using her mom's recipe, sparking criticism online. Patton defends her method and responds with "Peace, love and fried chicken."

    'Peace, love and fried chicken' - Paula Patton responds to critics of her mom's famous fried chicken recipe

    It's no "Mission Impossible" for actress Paula Patton to take a culinary challenge in stride. Recently, Patton found herself in hot oil—quite literally—after sharing her mother Joyce Patton's "famous" fried chicken recipe, frying 138 chicken wings for her son Julian's school. The method, however, ruffled more than a few feathers online. But as reported by CNN, Paula Patton isn't one to back down from a food fight.

    138 Chicken Wings, One Big Debate

    "It might look crazy. It is the way we do it. My mom taught me." Patton declared in a video response from Mexico, where she was vacationing with her son. The criticism ranged from questions about washing the chicken thoroughly to seasoning the cooking oil rather than the chicken itself. But Patton was unflustered and came clucking back.

    The internet cried foul—or shall we say, fowl? Some accused her of not washing the chicken well enough, while others debated her seasoning method. But Patton remained as cool as a cucumber salad on the side, explaining that the video might have looked off due to editing.

    From Hollywood to the Kitchen, A Recipe with A Twist

    Paula Patton's fried chicken recipe took a twist with her Instagram revelation, and she's embracing the moment with grace and a pinch of salt. "We put the seasonings in the oil and all that. It's just the way we do it." she explained, vowing to always make her mom's chicken the way she did it, though she's open to suggestions for new recipes.

    She even welcomed the controversy with a video captioned "Peace, love and fried chicken." If that isn't the right attitude to have while getting roasted over your roasting, then what is?

    In the grand skillet of things, Paula Patton's chicken escapade serves as a delicious reminder that culinary traditions are as diverse as the people who create them. It's a recipe passed down from mother to daughter, cooked with love and served with a side of sass.

    Paula Patton might have found herself in a fryer, but she's come out golden brown and delicious, just like her famous chicken wings.

    No matter how you season it, Patton's story is a tasty morsel that resonates with anyone who's ever dared to whip up a family recipe and face the critics with a smile.

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