Kamaal R Khan claims he was surviving only on water after arrest; lost this much weight in the lockup

    Kamaal R Khan claims he was surviving only on water after arrest; lost this much weight in the lockup

    Actor, filmmaker and critic Kamaal Rashid Khan has returned from jail after getting bail in two cases. In his latest tweet, he shared some details about his time in the lockup.


    A few days ago, Kamaal R Khan returned home after spending around 10 days in jail. The king of controversies was arrested twice in the same week-- first for making derogatory tweets in 2020 about late superstars Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, and the second time for allegedly molesting a fitness trainer in 2019. KRK reportedly harassed and flashed the complainant. He was granted bail in both the cases and on returning home, the first thing he tweeted was: “I am back for my vengeance.” However, the post was deleted and then a new one was shared.

    KRK had tweeted: “Media is creating new stories. I am back and safe at my home. I don’t need any revenge from anyone. I have forgotten whatever bad thing happened with me. I believe, it was written in my destiny.” Well, his fans were happy to see him back on social media. But many wondered what happened in the 10 days that he was in jail. The actor has now revealed a few details in his latest post. KRK shared, “I was surviving with only water for 10 days in lockup. So I have lost 10 kg weight.”

    The Deshdrohi actor claims losing 10 kgs in 10 days, which is shocking and sounds impossible to many. While some netizens believe him, most others are focused on asking him to review jail time as well as Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s recently released film Brahmastra . Some are even trolling him for lying about his weight. One netizen wrote: “o terii..Sir aapto waise hi 20 kg ke lagte the pehle bhi :)...dhyaaan rakkho aapna”, whereas another comment read: “Please review jail time and BHRAMASTRA!!!!!!!! Why did you stop reviewing?”

    As we all know, KRK is famous for his movie reviews because he never holds back. Even when he was in the lockup, many netizens requested him to review Brahmastra as soon as he came back home. Let’s wait and watch if that happens.