Katrina Kaif admits to feeling intimidated by Bollywood's beauty standards

    Katrina Kaif shares how Vicky Kaushal supports her during her moments of self-doubt about her appearance, she also reveals the pressure to conform to a specific beauty standard.

    <p>Katrina Kaif (Instagram)</p>

    Katrina Kaif (Instagram)

    Katrina Kaif recently opened up about the pressure to be perceived a specific way. The 40-year-old actress acknowledged that she had encountered unattainable and unforgiving beauty standards during her debut in Hindi films with Boom (2003) in an interview with Hello! India. She also disclosed that she occasionally worries about how she looks before attending an event and what her actor husband Vicky Kaushal advises her at that point.

    While recalling her difficult days, Katrina Kaif told the publication, “I have often experienced the pressures of a certain standard of beauty and the pressures to conform to that standard. I have found that to be often stifling and intimidating..." 

    She further said, "There’ll be a moment where I will be fussing before I leave the house for an event or something. I’ll end up finding something that I see, which is not to my liking and I’m trying to fix it, whether it’s a costume or hair or something. And then my husband will wryly remind me ‘Aren’t you the person who says 'It's Kay to Be You?' "

    The Merry Christmas actress was further quoted as saying, “It can be really, really confusing to retain and to maintain your sense of individuality and know who you are, not who you are in comparison to what everyone else is doing or saying around you. I think what’s really important for all of us, and this is something that I try to follow, is self belief, clarity of thought, determination and taking the time for us to understand our own thoughts and desires and goals. This is something that I’m still trying to navigate.”

    The actor transitioned from the screen to entrepreneurship back in 2019, channeling her love for makeup into a profitable business. On the work front, Katrina was last seen in Merry Christmas which also starred actor Vijay Sethupathi.