Mad Max director George Miller calls Furiosa prequel 'a saga'

    George Miller finally gives an update on the Mad Max prequel series starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth

    Mad Max director George Miller calls Furiosa prequel 'a saga'

    Ever since the critical and commercial success of Mad Max: Fury Road , fans have eagerly waited for the announced Prequel movie based on the life of Furiosa.

    Actress Anya Taylor-Joy will play the role of a young Furiosa taking over the role from Charlize Theron and the movie will span a period of 15 years.

    The movie will follow a Young Furiosa who along with her mother is kidnapped and brought before Immortan Joe, Joining Anya Taylor-Joy is Chris Hemsworth who will be playing the villain, and actors Tom Burke and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have been cast in undisclosed roles.

    In a recent interview with Deadline, director Geroge Miller spoke about the movie which is currently in the early stages of production. Miller will be working with long-time collaborator Guy Norris who will be in charge of stunt coordinator as well second unit director for the movie.

    "I'll tell you how it's going when it's finished, but it has got off to a lovely start," Miller said when asked how production was going. "All I can say about my excitement about doing it is that it's definitely exciting, because even though it's certainly of that world of Fury Road" 

    "it's also got a lot of the differences we've been talking about. Again, it's uniquely familiar. And probably the biggest difference is the timespan. Fury Road happened over three days and two nights and this one happens over 15 years. So, it's a saga."

    A producer with the movie has said that Miller was initially apprehensive about casting Marvel star Chris Hemsworth but later fell in love with the idea.

    "George saw Chris initially as a courtesy and then fell in love with the idea. He's going to play totally against type, the lead baddie. Unfortunately, we've got to find all of our other characters that aren't around anymore: a new Immortan, a new Bullet Farmer, and a few others."

    Actress Anya Taylor-Joy is currently preparing to take on the role both mentally and physically and do justice to Charlize Theron's powerhouse performance, she spoke about Geroge Miller and the movie during the premiere of Last Night in SOHO -

    “I love working with him already. He’s just the best. I think my preparation is just about becoming strong enough to be able to carry this film. That’s what it is. It’s emotional strength, its physical strength, its mental strength. I cannot wait. I’m so excited. It wouldn’t be ‘Mad Max,’ if there were not vehicles of some sort.”

    Furiosa is set to hit the big screen on May 24, 2024.