Maitreyi Ramakrishnan: Triumphing over 15,000 to become a Netflix sensation

    Rising star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, acclaimed for her performance in Netflix's hit show 'Never Have I Ever', opens up about her journey to fame, the pressure to represent brown girls worldwide, her wide-ranging fan base, and her aspirations for the show's second season.

    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan: Triumphing over 15,000 to become a Netflix sensation

    "If I'm not going to put that pressure on a fictional character, why the hell would I do that to myself?" Amid the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, that's the nugget of wisdom from Never Have I Ever's lead, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, as reported by Vanity Fair.

    Born to Shine: From Mississauga to Hollywood

    Born and raised in a lively household in Mississauga, Ramakrishnan's story is the stuff of dreams. Responding to a tweet from The Office alum, Mindy Kaling, she beat out a whopping 15,000 others to snag the lead role of Devi in Netflix's breakout hit. A part that, since its debut, has landed her a spot on A.O. Scott's list of 2020's best performances and a Time 100 anointment.

    Navigating the pressures of her newfound fame, the 19-year-old actor remarks, "I kept putting the pressure on myself to represent brown girls everywhere. And I was like, hold on..."

    Her parents' journey from war-torn Sri Lanka to Canada provides an additional layer of depth to Ramakrishnan's own narrative, underscoring the diversity of her background that enriches her performance on-screen.

    As the outspoken and sometimes reckless Devi, Ramakrishnan has garnered a diverse fan base, with fans ranging from a seven-year-old girl at a café to a grown woman moved to tears. In a testament to the show's broad appeal, she shares, "I think the show is what their inner child really yearned for."

    Looking Ahead: 'Never Have I Ever' Season Two

    Looking ahead to the second season, Ramakrishnan is brimming with confidence. "I'm going to put my money where my mouth is: I think season two is better than season one. You're going to scream at Devi, but you're also going to want to hug her."

    Despite the challenges of fame, it's clear that Ramakrishnan, like her character Devi, has a firm grip on reality. Amid dreams of playing a princess and a continued commitment to her craft, this young star is firmly on the rise, boldly carving out her path in the world of Hollywood.

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