Martin Freeman's iconic 'SNL' moment: Merging Bilbo Baggins with 'The Office'

    Revisiting the iconic 2014 SNL episode where Martin Freeman brilliantly blended his roles from 'The Hobbit' and 'The Office'. A comedic fusion that left fans both intrigued and laughing.

    <p>Martin Freeman (Source: People)</p>

    Martin Freeman (Source: People)

    There's no doubt that 2014 was a whirlwind year for entertainment, but amidst the plethora of pop culture moments, Martin Freeman's Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearance remains one for the history books. Join us on a nostalgic ride back to that night, where hobbits and office humor intertwisted in a comedic ballet.

    The episode that had it all

    Freeman's versatility was on full display. From playing a saxman that could give Kenny G a run for his money to being the groom with no clue, he nailed it. But none of these character imprints can outshine the fusion of his roles as Bilbo Baggins from 'The Hobbit' and Tim from 'The Office'.

    The Middle-earth Office mash-up

    The episode's crowning moment was undoubtedly "The Office: Middle Earth". "Apparently, there's now giant spiders in the parking lot," Freeman as Bilbo remarked. His prankster avatar was spot on, making us giggle at the thought of Gollum detesting his stuff being enveloped in Jell-O, reminiscent of the pranks on Gareth and Dwight. Not to forget the chuckle-worthy Gandalf portrayal of David Brent, nicknaming our beloved Bilbo as "Dildo Baggins." What's not to love?

    The show had other memorable sketches too, like the hilarious cold open referencing the Cheesecake Factory and the Weekend Update segment brimming with witty quips. But when Freeman tries his hand at marriage with Leslie Jones' WNBA character or showcases an advertisement for a church with never-seen-before Filipino ladies, we were reminded of his comedic genius. Let's not forget the unexpected cameo of the ageless Maggie Smith and the always profound Alan Rickman. Ah, memories!

    Martin Freeman (Source: People)

    In retrospect, Martin Freeman's SNL episode was a delightful medley of comedy sketches, each distinct yet equally entertaining. So, while some sketches may have been better than others, one thing is certain: Freeman's charm was the consistent highlight of the night. And for that, we're forever grateful.

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