Martin and Benedict, 'Please come back?' - Steven Moffat's plea for Sherlock season 5: Where are the stars now?

    Steven Moffat is eager to write a new season of 'Sherlock' if stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch find the time. Both actors are busy with big projects, leaving fans hoping for a reunion.

    Martin and Benedict, 'Please come back?' - Steven Moffat's plea for Sherlock season 5: Where are the stars now?

    As Steven Moffat once remarked, he'd "start writing tomorrow" for a fifth installment of the BBC's hit series 'Sherlock,' provided the iconic detective duo - Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - can find room in their bustling schedules. In retrospect, the Emmy-winning show's hiatus has not dimmed Moffat's enthusiasm or the fans' craving for more.

    Moffat's Undying Enthusiasm and the Stars' Rising Fame

    "They're on to bigger and better things," Moffat teased, as reported by BBC Today (via Deadline), referring to the actors' jam-packed calendars. Since 'Sherlock' last aired in 2017, the famed co-stars have embarked on superheroic journeys.

    Freeman, a name synonymous with exceptional acting prowess, has been sizzling on screens both big and small. Whether it's reprising his role as ex-CIA agent Everett K. Ross in Marvel's 'Black Panther' films or captivating audiences alongside Emmy Rossum in Peacock's 'Angelyne,' Freeman's presence is undeniable. His upcoming role in 'Marvel's Secret Invasion' is one to mark on the calendars.

    Cumberbatch, not to be outdone, has his hands full with a variety of Marvel roles, his hosting gig on SNL, and more.

    The Lingering Hope for a 'Sherlock' Reunion

    Fans of 'Sherlock' have long awaited the return of the sleuthing team that captured their hearts. While the prospect of a reunion is an attractive one, it's undoubtedly a tough task.

    The charm of Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes and the astuteness of Freeman's Dr. John Watson are etched in TV history. The possibility of them coming together for a fifth run remains elusive but tempting. Moffat's words have reignited hope, and the anticipation for a 'Sherlock' comeback is stronger than ever.

    For those longing to see Freeman's latest work, 'Angelyne' is now streaming on Peacock, while Cumberbatch's hilarious escapades can be enjoyed on SNL.

    As we continue to savor the masterpieces of Martin Freeman and wait for the Skrulls to land with 'Secret Invasion,' one thing is clear: the mystery of 'Sherlock's return is a riddle even the world's greatest detective might struggle to solve.

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