'More cardio and..': Chris Hemsworth chooses a healthier lifestyle to prevent falling prey to Alzheimer's

    Chris Hemsworth revealed the positive changes to his lifestyle to avoid falling prey to Alzheimer's disease. 

    Chris Hemsworth on preventing Alzheimer's

    Chris Hemsworth on preventing Alzheimer's

    Chris Hemsworth recently got candid on how he is making extremely healthy changes to his lifestyle to avoid falling prey to Alzheimer’s disease. For the unversed, the Hollywood royalty’s DNA consists of two copies of the gene APOE4 which makes him 8 to 10 times likely prone to catching Alzheimer's. He discovered that he was at risk of catching the brain ailment while shooting for the Disney show, Limitless.

    Chris Hemsworth on his lifestyle changes

    In an interaction with Men’s Health, Chris Hemsworth said, “I’ve always been pretty consistent with my exercise commitments, but lately I’ve really felt the importance of taking time for yourself without any outside voice or stimulation and making time for stillness.” Hemsworth added that he is focusing more on mindful exercises and chores. The Thor actor has also been taking regular ice baths and getting a good sleep.

    Chris Hemsworth is indulging in more cardio

    The actor added, “My weight fluctuates a lot due to differing roles and also my own interests in regards to challenging my body in different ways. I’m lifting less frequently than I was and I’m incorporating more cardio and endurance workouts which I much prefer than heavy body-building style sessions.” Chris Hemsworth now falls into the category of the 2 to 3 percent of the people who have two copies of the gene from both parents that puts them at risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

    For the unversed, Alzheimer’s disease is a brain ailment that affects the memory of a person and eventually, they struggle to remember even the basic things about their life. After Chris Hemsworth had discovered his vulnerability to Alzheimer's after taking a test on the show Limitless, he said, “You're constantly thinking you’re going to live forever, especially as a young individual. Then to be told that this might be the thing that might take you out was like, whoa—it kinda floored me.”