Mumbai's Diwali glamour: Ananya Panday's show-stopping look

    Ananya Panday dazzles in a rose-gold ensemble at Sara Ali Khan's Diwali party in Mumbai.

    <p>Ananya Panday</p>

    Ananya Panday

    In the twinkling Mumbai night, Ananya Panday arrived in style at the star-studded Diwali bash hosted by none other than Sara Ali Khan last week. The evening's air was filled with the city's signature buzz, but it was Ananya's outfit that stole the show.

    Dressed to impress, the young starlet donned a shimmering, rose-gold ensemble that mirrorred the festival's celebratory sparkle. Her attire, a beautifully designed two-piece, featured an intricately patterned, full-length skirt paired with a matching crop top that boasted long, graceful sleeves and a deep V-neck, accentuating her youthful elegance. The fabric, embroidered with delicate sequins, caught the light with every movement, creating a mesmerizing glow around her.

    Ananya's choice of accessories was tastefully minimal, allowing her outfit to shine without competition. A simple yet elegant diamond choker graced her neck, complementing the outfit's neckline perfectly. On her feet, she opted for understated nude sandals, a smart choice that elongated her legs without drawing attention away from the garment's details.

    The occasion was a reflection of the city's vibrant culture and the film industry's close-knit community, with Diwali parties being a cornerstone of social gatherings. Ananya's presence was a testament to the young generation of Bollywood's rising stars, showcasing their fashion sense and cultural dedication.

    Ananya was recently seen on Koffee with Karan season 8 where she appeared with Sara Ali Khan and the episode made for a fun, light-hearted watch. While Ananya admitted pe being "Coy Kapur", she neither confirmed nor denied her relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur. However, the host Karan Johar did confirm that the two are dating. 

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