'My body was sore but..' : Katrina Kaif's gruelling workout for Tiger 3 will make you cheer for Zoya louder

    Katrina Kaif shares her inspirational workout prep session for Tiger 3.

    Katrina Kaif workout session

    Katrina Kaif workout session

    Katrina Kaif might have just won the internet as she dropped some throwback workout videos as part of her prepping for Tiger 3. The actress visibly put her whole and soul into training for the movie since her character Zoya is a badass agent who gives out some kicks and punches like nobody’s business. Katrina also revealed that there were some days when she was extremely exhausted and sore but that did not deter her determination and quest to keep on going.

    The video has Katrina doing some challenging workout exercises which challenge her flexibility and agility too. The Mere Brother Ki Dulhan actress is going full throttle in the exercises with the help of her fitness trainer. In the last video, she can also be seen given a neck massage by her trainer hinting that the workout sessions are not going easy on her body. Take a look at the same.

    However, it was also her caption that was immensely inspirational and motivating. The Phone Bhoot actress wrote, “For me when tiger time comes, it's about pushing my limits, testing my endurance, and finding that strength within. Someone once told me, "Pain is just another sensation “ ….Don't be afraid of it , don't run from the pain. Many days, I was so tired; it felt different this time…tougher. My body was sore, but I would tell myself to take it as a challenge and see how much I could face today. During training, we created an alter ego. So even if I was tired, SHE wasn’t tired; she was going to war!….your mind will stop you much before your body does. Once you decide, commit, and do it… no matter what. And the work is ALWAYS worth it. I think we were able to deliver even more dynamic action than before, and that's always our intention. To be better. Now waiting to share #Tiger3 with the world, nervous, excited …Just a few more days to go." 

    Meanwhile, talking about Tiger 3, the movie is all set to be released on November 12, 2023. It is helmed by Maneesh Sharma. Salman Khan and Katrina will be reprising their roles as Tiger and Zoya respectively.