Photos: When Kriti Sanon captivated in a navy blue lehenga at Ekta Kapoor's Diwali celebration

    Kriti Sanon was spotted at the Diwali festivities hosted by Ekta Kapoor at her house last week.

    <p>Kriti Sanon</p>

    Kriti Sanon

    Bollywood's own fashion icon, Kriti Sanon, dazzled the paparazzi at Ekta Kapoor's star-studded Diwali bash held at her residence in Juhu last Friday night. Sanon graced the event in a traditional yet contemporary ensemble that was nothing short of spectacular. 

    The outfit, a quintessential example of Indian craftsmanship, featured a voluminous lehenga skirt and a sleek, sleeveless blouse, both adorned with intricate metallic detailing and what appeared to be mirror work, which is emblematic of the rich textile heritage of India.

    The lehenga skirt boasted a plethora of pleats that fanned out elegantly, creating a dramatic silhouette that is both regal and modern. The base colour of the attire was a deep navy blue, which not only complemented Sanon's complexion but also added a touch of midnight mystique to the festive occasion. 

    The hem of the skirt was trimmed with broad, ornate borders showcasing traditional Indian motifs in a gold that shimmered with every movement. Her blouse was a work of art, closely fitted, with a pattern of embellishments that added a touch of glamour to the ensemble.

    Her accessories were thoughtfully chosen to enhance her look—a statement ring and earrings that echoed the grandeur of her attire. Kriti's hair was styled in a chic updo, crowned with a floral arrangement that added a fresh, vibrant element to her look.

    Sanon's choice of attire for the Diwali celebration was a testament to her status as a style icon who blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Her presence at Kapoor's party was a highlight of the evening, leaving an indelible impression on the attendees and the fashion watchers alike.

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