'Ramzan ka khayal kar le' : Urfi Javed receives backlash over her bold video on Lata Mangeshkar's vintage song

    Urfi Javed received some brutal trolling for making an extremely bold video on Lata Mangeshkar's vintage song. 

    Urfi Javed troll

    Urfi Javed troll

    Urfi Javed is back at it again. The actress took to her social media handle to share a reel of a vintage Lata Mangeshkar song. However, she received a heavy backlash since the actress almost opted for a semi-nude pose and outfit which made many netizens furious especially due to the ongoing period of Ramazan.

    Talking about the video, we see it begins with Urfi Javed flaunting her hands painted with a red Alta. It seemingly feels like she has donned a traditional attire but soon we see her wearing nothing on the upper portion of her body and just covering her modesty with her hands. However, the actress goes to cover the lower portion of the body with a skirt made of flowers.

    We see Urfi Javed keep a broach attached to her chest which has a statue of a woman engraved on it. The former Bigg Boss OTT contestant also tied her hair with a Gajra. We see her making the reel in the song ‘Hum Bhi Dekhenge’ from Mughal-E-Azam which was crooned by Lata Mangeshkar and was picturized on Lata Mangeshkar. She just captioned the same with a pink flower emoji. Take a look at the same.

    No sooner was the video shared than Urfi started receiving a terrible backlash for her look. One of the netizens stated, “Ramzan ka khayal kr lein please” while another user said, “Are haan iska toh ramzan chal Raha hai... Kaisi hai yaar yeh isko Apne God se koi lagaw nahi.” Another netizen said, “Pagal ho gyi hai lag raha hai, koi sharam hi nhi hai chhhiiii.” A netizen further went on to say, “Besharam......aisi logo ki photo video like hi nehi karna sahiye.”

    Meanwhile, Urfi Javed was recently in a controversy after a Fatwa was issued against the actress. A complaint was registered against her banning her from all the Mumbai Kabristans. The reason was said to be her bold choice of clothes which was allegedly ruining the youth.