Remembering when Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made Super Bowl history with Latina power

    Looking back at the 2020 Super Bowl, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira not only dominated the halftime show but also marked a historical moment as the first Latinas to headline the event.

    Shakira (Source: InStyle)

    Shakira (Source: InStyle)

    The 2020 Super Bowl brought more than just football to the table; it showcased a historic celebration of Latina culture, thanks to the iconic performances of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

    Powerhouse Latinas conquer the Super Bowl

    When the news broke out that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were set to headline the halftime show, there was a palpable excitement in the air. The promise of bringing Latino power to the Miami-based event was something fans eagerly anticipated. And boy, did they deliver!

    Shakira kicked off the night with her electrifying hits like "She Wolf," "Whenever, Wherever," and the global favorite, "Hips Don't Lie." What took the audience by surprise was her rendition of "I Like It," the chart-topper by Cardi B. The twist? The Puerto Rican sensation, Bad Bunny, hopped onto the stage for a memorable Super Bowl remix.

    Jennifer Lopez (Source: Elle)

    But the night was far from over. Jennifer Lopez took the stage by storm, not just with her vocals but with a spectacular display of her pole dancing prowess, a nod to her role in the film "Hustlers." From belting out classics like "Jenny from the Block" to grooving to "Ain't it Funny" and "Get Right," Lopez was on fire. The shimmering change into a silver and nude one-piece for "Waiting for Tonight" was a sight to behold.

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    As the energy continued to ramp up, Colombian star J Balvin made a grand entry, joining Lopez for "Que Calor." The duo's chemistry was palpable as they transitioned to "Mi Gente." The presence of Beyonce, a collaborator on the track, added another layer of star power to the atmosphere.

    Perhaps one of the most touching moments was when Lopez interacted with her daughter, Emme. The young singer's emotive rendition of "Let's Get Loud" beautifully juxtaposed with Lopez, who was proudly draped in a coat bearing the Puerto Rican flag, symbolizing her deep-rooted heritage.

    An unforgettable finale

    The halftime show was destined for an epic conclusion. With Shakira's "Waka Waka" setting the stage, the finale witnessed the union of the two powerhouse Latinas. Synchronized to perfection, Lopez and Shakira's performance was the stuff of legends. As the final notes rang out, the two embraced, savoring the magnitude of the moment – they had made history as the first Latinas to dominate the Super Bowl halftime stage.

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    Looking back, the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show wasn't just a performance. It was a declaration of the growing influence and power of Latina artists in the global entertainment industry.

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