'REUNITED bruce and arthur': Jason Momoa teases Ben Affleck's return in Aquaman sequel!"

    In a recent social media post, Jason Momoa teases Ben Affleck's return to the DC Universe in the upcoming 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom', reigniting excitement among fans!

    <p>Source: People</p>

    Source: People

    Jason Momoa & Ben Affleck: A DC Duo We Didn't Know We Needed!

    Alright DC Universe enthusiasts, hold on to your tridents and batarangs because it seems like the epic bromance of Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck is set to make waves again in Warner Bros' anticipated sequel, 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom'.

    "Bat-fleck" Returns! Or Does He?

    Our very own sea god, Jason Momoa, being the cheeky tease that he is, couldn't resist giving fans a little taste of what's to come. Taking to Instagram, he shared a candid snap with Affleck captioned, “REUNITED bruce and arthur. love u and miss u Ben... all great things coming AQUAMAN 2 all my aloha j.” And just like that, the internet went berserk!

    Source: People

    Considering Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader in recent DC films, including 'Justice League' and 'Batman v Superman', it's no wonder fans are chomping at the bit for his confirmed return. But as reported by Deadline, Warner Bros is playing their cards close to their chest, not yet revealing the size of Affleck's role in the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

    Diving Deep into Aquaman 2

    Set to grace theaters on March 17, 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' promises a splash of surprises. While plot details are still as elusive as the lost city of Atlantis, we do know that Momoa will reprise his role as the trident-wielding Arthur Curry. And with James Wan steering the ship as director and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick penning the script, expectations are riding high!

    Of course, no sequel is complete without its returning cast. Alongside Momoa, Amber Heard returns with a splash, joined by Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman, and Randall Park.

    In the vast ocean of superhero collaborations, the speculated reunion of Momoa and Affleck certainly sets the bar high. So, will Aquaman join forces with Batman once more or are we just chasing mirages in the sea? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: the DC Universe has never felt more alive!

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