Shabana Azmi condemns Kangana Ranaut being slapped: ‘Can’t celebrate a slap’

    After Kangana Ranaut was slapped at Chandigarh airport recently, actress Shabana Azmi has come in her support

    Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut

    Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut

    After actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut suffered a security threat at Chandigarh airport recently, veteran actress Shabana Azmi came in her support claiming that ‘if security personnel start taking law into their hands none of us can be safe.’ Earlier, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon also defended Kangana asking the public to fight against ‘violence and hooliganism.’

    Shabana Azmi’s note for Kangana Ranaut

    Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), veteran actress Shabana Azmi wrote, ‘I have no love lost for #Kangana Ranaut. But I can't find myself joining this chorus of celebrating "the slap". If security personnel start taking law into their hands none of us can be safe.’

    Shabana wrote this tweet in response to the security threat Kangana faced at Chandigarh airport recently. The actress was slapped by a CISF personnel at the airport and revealed her association with the farmer’s protest. The action is assumed to be a response to Kangana’s controversial remarks regarding the women participating in the farmer’s protest.

    Raveena Tandon’s note for Kangana Ranaut

    Earlier, actress Raveena Tandon also supported Kangana and penned a note for her in her Instagram stories. She wrote, ‘In a world where public scrutiny is relentless, it is essential to remember that women achievers are human too. Disparaging them solely for their fame is unfair and harmful. This increasing violence against women and children world over needs to be addressed urgently. It’s time we stand up against violence and hooliganism.’

    Kangana Ranaut hits back at Bollywood celebrities

    Before garnering support from Bollywood celebrities, Kangana took to her Instagram stories and hit back at celebrities who were not condemning this incident. She wrote, ‘All eyes on Rafah Gang, this can happen to you or your children as well..When you celebrate a terror attack on someone be ready for the day it comes back to you too.’

    Kangana had also shared another post for Bollywood celebrities which she deleted later, ‘Dear film industry, you all are either celebrating or are totally mum on the airport attack on me remember if tomorrow if you walking disarmingly on some street of your country or anywhere else in the world and some Israeli / Palestinian hits you or your children just because you tried to bring eyes to Rafah or stood up for Israeli hostage... then you will see I will be fighting for your rights of free speech, if someday you wonder why I am where I am remember you are not me.’