Shah Rukh Khan offers tip on watching movie without ticket to fan, reveals the secret behind his hair in Dunki

    During the Ask SRK session, Shah Rukh Khan opened up about Dunki and expectations around the movie. He also wittingly replied a fan who asked if Rajkumar Hirani approached him for the movie.

    <p>Shah Rukh Khan</p>

    Shah Rukh Khan

    After dropping Dunki's first song Lutt Putt Gaya, Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday hosted an AskSRK session on X (formerly known as Twitter) and responded to fans’ interesting questions. During the Q&A session, he opened up about Dunki and expectations around the movie. When a fan asked if Rajkumar Hirani approached him for the movie, he replied, “Maine @RajkumarHirani ke ghar ke aage tent laga liya tha. Wahin kahaani bhi suni aur wahin sign bhi kar li. Editing bhi wahin chal rahi hai!!! #Dunki.”

    A fan asked the superstar to justify the film title Dunki, to which he said, “Dunki is a way of describing an illegal journey across borders. It is pronounced डंकी. It’s pronounced like Funky…Hunky….or yeah Monkey!!!” When another fan asked which side of seat he should book in cinema for Dunki, the superstar said, “Bhai mera toh manna hai houseful jayegi. Ghar se hi Sofa leke aa jaana seat toh nahi milegi!!”

    During the session, Shah Rukh also offered a fan the tip to watch a movie in the theatre free of cost. A fan asked, “Theatre me jane ke liye koi dunky way(illegeal without ticket) hai kya haha #AskSRK @iamsrk.” To which the Dunki actor replied, “I used to patao the projectionist when I was young and wanted to watch films. Try it…it may work perhaps. But don’t tell anyone I told u this. It’s our secret.” Another fan asked, “Aapki bikhre bikhre baalo ka raaz #AskSRK #Dunki (secret behind your unkept hair) and the superstar said, “Aamla, Bhringraaj aur Methi lagata hoon!!!”

    A person also asked about Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana Khan’s film Archies. “What are you more excited for Dunki or Archies ??” asked a fan. And the superstar said, “Suhana loves Dunki and I love Archies. Between the two of us I think we are all sorted.” Meanwhile, Shah Rukh is going to play the role of Hardy, a man who desperately wants to move to London with his friends. Backed by Red Chillies Entertainment, the film is set to arrive in theatres on December 21, 2023.