Spielberg's shocking Oscars snub take: Why "The Dark Knight" didn't score!

    Steven Spielberg laments "The Dark Knight" missing out on the Oscars Best Picture nomination but believes it'd be a shoo-in today.

    <p>Source: Variety</p>

    Source: Variety

    The "Dark Knight" Debate: Spielberg Spills on Oscars Snub and Changing Tides

    As we take a cinematic jaunt down memory lane, one movie continues to dominate discussions of Oscar snubs: the tour de force that is "The Dark Knight." But who better to shed light on this perennial debate than Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg?

    A Picture-Perfect Snub: Why Batman Didn't Make The Oscars Cut

    All the way back in 2009, audiences and critics alike were baffled by "The Dark Knight" being left out in the cold during Oscar nominations for Best Picture. The film, which many still hail as the pinnacle of superhero cinema, was notably absent, a snub that resonates even today.

    Source: Variety

    However, Spielberg, in his chat with Deadline, suggested a shimmer of hope in the Oscars' evolving landscape. While discussing his nomination for "The Fabelmans," he observed, “I feel 'really encouraged' by the fact that two blockbusters, Top Gun: Maverick and his film Avatar: The Way of Water, are nominated for Best Picture."

    The Oscars' Evolving Love for Blockbusters

    It's not just about "The Dark Knight." Spielberg's comments touch upon the Oscars' shifting attitude towards blockbuster movies. Recognizing a broader spectrum of films, as reflected in the expansion to ten nominees, the Oscars have signaled a more inclusive approach. Spielberg mused, “The Dark Knight is a 'film that should have been nominated a number of years ago. That movie would have definitely garnered the Best Picture Nomination today..."

    The ripples of the "Dark Knight" snub were felt even with its successor, "The Batman," earning praises as 2022's best comic film. While it secured three Oscar nods, many argue it's still unfairly absent from some major categories.

    Past & Present: The Best Picture Conundrum

    Flashback to 2009: "The Dark Knight" faced fierce competition. "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and "Frost/Nixon," to name a few, were the chosen ones. Yet, the Batman epic, amplified by Heath Ledger's Joker portrayal, remains iconic, standing the test of time.

    Conversations like Spielberg's not only highlight the Oscars' changing dynamics but also echo the persistent call for more genre inclusivity. It’s about time our beloved caped crusader gets his due, isn’t it?

    And if you're still itching for a Gotham fix, "The Dark Knight" awaits on HBO Max.

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