Mike Myers' past revelation: The Scottish secret behind Shrek's voice!

    Mike Myers opened up on the decision to switch Shrek's voice to Scottish, inspired by his heritage, leading to the franchise's booming success and Spielberg's heartfelt approval.

    Mike Meyers (Source: People)

    Mike Meyers (Source: People)

    Shrek's Unexpected Twist: It's All in the Accent

    As we're swept into waves of nostalgia, the big green ogre from our childhood beckons us once more. Shrek, an animated masterpiece, still resonates today, especially when we dive into the quirky mind of Mike Myers and his charming Scottish revelation. The Austin Powers star's admission about the green icon's unforgettable accent stirs our memories. Recalling his chat with Vanity Fair, Myers said, "I wanted it to be good... I tried it as a Canadian, and it just didn't have any oomph." But what makes this tale deliciously intriguing is Myers' Scottish spin – a choice deeply rooted in his own heritage and the ethos of fairy tales representing the class system. 

    Shrek (Source: X)

    Our favorite ogre could've sounded dramatically different, if not for Myers' perseverance. He pressed on, "Can I record it again as Scottish?" - a move that initially met resistance, even from industry giant Steven Spielberg. Yet, upon hearing the revamped Scottish ogre, Spielberg couldn't resist sending Myers a lovely letter applauding the change.

    A Billion Dollar 'Oomph'!

    It wasn't just an accent; it was the heart of a franchise. Beginning with the 2001 classic, which threw together the unlikely duo of Shrek and Donkey, the series quickly expanded. With sequels, spin-offs, and even a Puss in Boots movie, the Shrek franchise, with its charming Scottish lead, cashed in a whopping $3.5 billion globally!

    Donkey, Shrek, and Puss in Boots (Source: Youtube)

    As Myers continues to keep audiences entertained, his stint in The Pentaverate sees him juggling multiple roles, including a nod to our beloved ogre. If you're hunting for more Myers magic, there's always a treasure trove of Netflix shows awaiting your binge. Reflecting on this beloved franchise, one thing remains clear: it was that distinct Scottish accent, inspired by Myers' rich heritage, that turned Shrek from just another fairy tale into an unforgettable legend.

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