Throwback: Chris Pine's candid chat before 'The Finest Hours': Still relevant today?

    Revisiting 2016: Chris Pine's unfiltered chat with EW ahead of 'The Finest Hours' launch. From ranking Hollywood Chrises to endorsing 'Pine Nut Trail Mix', let's stroll down memory lane.

    <p>Chris Pine (Source: NPR)</p>

    Chris Pine (Source: NPR)

    Remember the time when Chris Pine, not just the gallant Star Trek captain but also the mariner of The Finest Hours, checked in with fans for a candid Q&A session? If you're nodding nostalgically, then let's travel back to January 2016 when he dished out answers with characteristic humor and flair.

    A Hero's Palette

    Asked about his heroes, Pine's choices reflected a seamless blend of real and reel. He proudly named “Malala. And Wonder Woman,” the latter being a subtle nod to his upcoming 2017 venture with Gal Gadot's iconic character. As if building the excitement wasn't enough, Pine's candid response to a Princess Diaries 3 dream had fans in stitches. "Have you been reading my diary???" he shot back.

    Between the Lines of Pine's Life

    Perhaps the most iconic takeaway from that 2016 chat was Pine's witty take on the Hollywood Chrises debacle. Ranking “Chrises alphabetically,” he cheekily placed himself third, edging out Chris Pratt.

    As he delved into his current TV obsessions, mentioning "The Americans" and building the suspense for "Game of Thrones", one couldn't help but appreciate his rich cinematic taste. When prodded about The Finest Hours shooting experience, Pine recounted the trials, stating it was “probably the hardest shoot I’ve done.” Yet, his respect for the real-life heroes the story portrayed kept any "actorly complaints" in check.

    Adding a Quirky Pine Flavor

    A rather unexpected twist came when a fan presented a hypothetical 'Chris Pine Nut Trail Mix'. Ever ready with a riposte, Pine responded, “S— better taste good,” further jesting about initiating a pasta line. Talk about being deliciously on brand!

    Wrapping up with a Teddy Roosevelt quote for a yearbook, Chris Pine's 2016 Q&A session was an unforgettable mix of heart, humor, and humility.

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