'Was going through a tough time emotionally': Rani Mukerji on signing Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway post a miscarriage

    Rani Mukerji recalls being approached for Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway after suffering a miscarriage. She also spoke about resonating with the film strongly. 

    Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway

    Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway

    Rani Mukerji’s 2023 film Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway received loads of critical acclaim and praise from the masses and critics alike. In the latest Galatta Plus roundtable, the actress spoke about being approached for the movie after having gone through a miscarriage. She also spoke about what made her resonate with the movie so strongly.

    Talking about the same, Rani said that Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway was an important film for her and her career since she was approached for it after going through a miscarriage. The actress said that it was inevitably a very difficult phase for her emotionally since she and her husband Aditya Chopra were battling the loss on their own during the COVID-19 pandemic. When she heard the narration of the movie, her first reaction was to ask Nikkhil Advani (producer) whether he was joking. But he told her that the movie was based on a real-life incident which was faced by Sagarika Bhattacharya whose children were taken away from her by the Norway child welfare service. This left Rani appalled as to how an Indian family is treated like this in an outside country and how it is even legally possible.

    The Black actress said that she started connecting with the story in such a way that when she used to go to sleep at night, she started thinking about Sagarika. Rani added that as a mother who had lost a child, she was unable to understand how could a mother cope with two of her small children being kidnapped by a facility in a foreign country. This strong connection with the story made the actress say yes to the project and the chatter about whether the movie will be a success commercially did not matter.

    She said that her priority was to make the movie a theatrical release without worrying about the box office numbers since she just wanted the story to be told to the masses. Rani also regretted not being up to date with the incident when the news was first published in 2010. Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway was helmed by Ashima Chibber and also starred Jim Sarbh, Anirban Bhattacharya, and Neena Gupta in pivotal roles.