When Shah Rukh said there will never be a more successful actor than him: 'I am the last of the stars'

    Shah Rukh Khan once spoke about why he believes he's the best on The Anupam Kher Show and his reason will truly motivate you to believe it too.


    It is hard to find a more self aware star in Bollywood than Shah Rukh Khan . The actor whose fame transcends Bollywood, continues to rule hearts since over three decades, and the anticipation with which his fans await his next few films there’s hardly any reason to believe that he’d ever be forgotten.

    However, Shah Rukh Khan was once asked by Anupam Kher on a chat show if he ever feels insecure about being overshadowed and that the fame and affection he enjoys today could tomorrow belong to someone else. The actor’s confident response to will definitely leave you in awe of the superstar, even if you are not a fan.

    On The Anupam Kher Show in 2014, Shah Rukh had said to the veteran host, “Aiesa hoga nahi. Main modest hoon lekin, aiesa nahi hoga.” The superstar further added candidly, “I am the last of the stars.”

    When Anupam heaped praises on Shah Rukh’s confident personality and said that there’s not force which can stop him, the actor further explained why he felt he’s the best.

    “Actually, kya hai, ki main ye genuinely believe karta hoon. Jab main shuru mein aya tha, maine ek interview diya tha, I think Stardust magazine ko usmeine maine kaha tha ‘I am the best’. Toh Sab logon ko laga bada arrogant hai. Par nahi aiesa nahi hai, main jab subha uthta hoon, toh agar main subha subha aapne aap ko aiesa na soochun toh main who kar hi nahi sakta. Halaki main best nahi hoon.”

    “Main subha jab uthta hoon toh mujhe aiesa believe karna padta hai ki ‘I am the best’. It’s not with arrogance, it is with belief. Agar main nahi soochun aiesa toh main kyun 25 saal se 9 baje uthke kaam pe nikal jata hoon. So, I need to convince myself I am the best because I know I am not good enough. I know I am not better than the second guy.”