'Worst screening ever' : Taylor Swift's Eras Tour film sparks discussion on basic theatre etiquettes

    Taylor Swift's Eras Tour sparks debate over basic theatre etiquette amongst fans. 

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour might have emerged as the top-grossing concert film but it seems like some audiences have missed out on their happy experience of watching the movie. Massive discussions have been sparked on social media regarding the need for basic theatre etiquette after some screenings of the movie. A video has also been going viral on social media wherein a fan expressed her discomfort while watching the movie.

    A fan shared her ugly theatre experience from the screening

    Talking about the same, a fan tweeted a video of Taylor singing the song ‘Marjorie’ on the screen while many fans are singing loudly, flashing their phone torch, and dancing in between their seats and the screen. The fan captioned the same stating, “I’m at the worst screening ever.” Take a look at the same.

    Netizens are left divided over the theatre conduct

    As the video went viral, many netizens agreed with the chaos inside the theatre which disturbed the viewing experience of the fans. A fan wrote, “People were soo disrespectful like there were some that actually were kicked out of the room [because] they were being soo rude. They completely ruined a lot of [people’s] experience there.” Another user said, “I wish people would be more considerate of those other theaters and not be that loud not everyone wants to hear people screaming, and singing.” A netizen added, “This makes me so happy that the people at my screening stayed in their seats while singing and dancing. it felt amazing to be surrounded by swifties who also understood that we were still in a theater lol. wish it was the norm though :( i'm sorry about your showing).”

    However, a fan did not seem to mind the scenario and said, “gorl taylor said sing and dance...don't get mad at them for following orders.” Well, the netizens are definitely in two minds about the scenario. Regarding the theatre guidelines, earlier AMC Theatres stated, “We encourage dancing and singing throughout this concert film event, but please do not dance on our seats or block other guests from viewing, safely walking or exiting the auditorium.”