Bhakshak Trailer: Bhumi Pednekar and Sanjay Mishra’s intense fight for justice will leave you with goosebumps

    Bhumi Pednekar as investigative journalist Vaishali Singh unravels the mystery behind a girls shelter home in Bhakshak

    Bhakshak Trailer

    Bhumi Pednekar is one actress who has the ability to turn into any character on screen like a chameleon, thanks to her versatility. Well, in her upcoming film Bhakshak, she portrays the role of a reporter named Vaishali Singh who is out to find the truth. But her journey to the truth soon turns into a fight for justice with the phenomenal Sanjay Mishra by her side. Ahead of the crime thriller’s release on streaming giant Netflix, makers have dropped an intense trailer which has left us with super high expectations from Bhakshak.

    The two minutes thirty eight seconds video begins with a girl walking into a room at a shelter home for females. The dingy room is jam packed with women of all ages, who are orphans. It is then revealed that according to a social audit, the girls living in this shelter are abused by owner Bansi Sahu, played by CID actor Aditya Srivastava. Thus begins Bhumi aka Vaishali’s journey to unravel the mystery and bring justice to the innocent victims of this Bhakshak. But the road is full of obstacles, which include politicians, Bansi Sahu himself and Vaishali’s family.

    In one scene, when Bhumi says she wants to find the truth, Bansi Sahu asks her, “Kaahe atmahatya karna chahti hain? (Why do you want to commit suicide?)” Needless to say, this trailer has left us with goosebumps. So far, the trailer has received a thumbs up. In the comment section below, one social media user wrote: “Happy for bhumi ️ after corona shes getting to do solo films whatever role she gets she nails it”, whereas another comment read: “When there's Bhumi in the movie never doubt the movie. She can just pull the whole movie on her shoulder.”

    Will Bhumi succeed in unveiling the truth? We can’t wait to find out how, when Bhakshak arrives on Netflix next week, on 9th February.