'I don't think there is any secret formula' SS Rajamouli gets candid about RRR's success and reveals that a sequel is in early development

    The director, who has been promoting his magnum opus RRR in Hollywood in time for Oscar season, revealed his process behind making the movie.


    RRR has been growing in popularity worldwide wide, with the movie recently gaining two Golden Globe nominations for Best Foreign Film and Best Song at this year's award.

    Director SS Rajamoulki recently won the award for Best Director at the prestigious New York Film Critics Circle. In the recent round table with Film Companian hosted by Anupama Chopra, the director revealed his process.

    SS Rajamouli has been delivering hit after hit from the start of his career and became a household name after his epic fantasy drama Baahubali: The Beginning hit theaters in 2015 followed by its sequel Baahubali: The Conclusion.

    So when he announced his next big project RRR staring Ram Charan and N. T. Rama Rao Jr. the hype for the movie was massive with many doubtful if it can match the success of Baahubali when the movie finally hit theaters on March 2022 after multiple delays it blew everyone away.

    However, the biggest surprise came when there was overwhelming support and positive feedback for the movie from foreign audiences, especially from the United States and Canada.

    While Indian movies do have a market abroad it is mostly restricted to NRI's and a few niche western critics but the popularity of the movie was so great that there has been even been hype that RRR might even get nominated for an Oscar.

    In the roundtable, SS Rajamouli shared that he doesnt believe there is a secret formula to creating a sucessfull movie but it is important for creators to know and understand what audiences expect from movies today and also revealed that they are working on the script for a sequel.

    he also went on to say that the big fight scenes including a lot of CGI animals at the end of the softest half of the movie were the only time during that shoot that he had sleepless nights.

    "I don't think there is any secret formula. Two things I would say are - basically having a connection with the audience, and not getting too comfortable. He went on to add that "The only time we had sleepless nights was when we were shooting the animal sequence with Jr NTR."

    With two Gloden Globe nominations under his belt, the director is still promoting the movie worldwide, and many view the Golden Globes as the first step to an Oscar. So we will have to wait till January 24th when The Academy announces this year's Oscar Nominees.