Quentin Tarantino says this classic Steven Spielberg flick is 'The greatest movie ever made'

     In a recent podcast, the veteran director revealed which movie, in his opinion, is the greatest of all time.

    Quentin Tarantino

    Quentin Tarantino

    Quentin Tarantino has been offering his opinion on classic movies and films for decades, his love movie cinema is well known.

    Now he uses his own podcast 'ReelBlend' to express his takes on Hollywood classics and even has a book out called 'Cinema Speculation', that will dive into the movie industry's history from the perspective of the acclaimed Quentin Tarantino.

    The director who is known for his unique sense of humor has directed nine projects so far with each being a critical and commercial success.

    His last movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which starred Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt was a massive success and one two academy awards

    Speaking on the ReelBlend podcast the filmmaker revealed that in his opinion the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie Jaws is the greatest movie of all time.

    The movie launched the career of Steven Spielberg and followed a small beach town that was being terrorised by a man-eating shark.

    "I think Jaws is the greatest movie ever made. Maybe not the greatest film. But it's the greatest movie ever made. And then there are other movies that can get in its rarefied air. But as far as a movie, there's no making it better than Jaws. There's no 'better' than Jaws. It is the best movie ever made. And it shows how badly timed most movies made before Jaws were."

    The director is quick to clarify the difference between a movie and a film, while most people use 'Movie' and 'Film' interchangeably, cinephiles like Quentin Tarantino each is separate.

    He expands on the definition 

    "What I meant by that, to one degree or another, is that Spielberg and a lot of his cohorts grew up seeing those kinds of movies in the theater. Henry Levin's Journey to Center of the Earth, he's gonna run to go and see that. Richard Fleischer's Fantastic Voyage. He's going to run and go see it. Gordon Douglas's Them! He's going to run and go see."

    Now... most of them weren't directed that well. They were assignments given to journeyman directors who did their best with them. That was how we were used to seeing comic book — that kind of movie experience. As opposed to a Spielberg, who was like, 'No, this is exactly the kind of movie he likes."

    "This is exactly the kind of movies he was put on Earth to make. And he's going to make it, within an inch of his life, as effective as it possibly can be. And, you know, Michael Anderson, isn't putting that kind of work in Logan's Run."

    It is clear the amount of love and appreciation Quentin Tarantino Tarantino has for Steven Spielberg and his work.

    Spielberg is currently working on his next project The Fabelmans, which is a coming-of-age movie set during WW2.

    As for Tarantino his next movie which will be his tenth and reportedly final movie is still a mystery.