The Lady Killer Trailer: Arjun Kapoor & Bhumi Pednekar’s raw, gritty performance leaves us on the edge of our seats

    Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar’s leave us with goosebumps in the trailer of their romantic thriller The Lady Killer

    <p>The Lady Killer</p>

    Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar are two talented actors, who have often been called ‘underrated’ by fans. Well, the two have now joined hands for back to back releases, which we are all eagerly waiting for. First in line is The Lady Killer, helmed by filmmaker Ajay Bahl. The romantic thriller is all set to arrive in theatres next week on 3rd November. Much to our delight, the trailer is now out and it is much more interesting than what we had in mind. In fact, many fans are convinced that The Lady Killer could be a turning point in Arjun’s career.

    The 2 minutes 22 seconds long trailer begins with Arjun getting shot. The scene then shifts and he ends up in Uttarakhand where he is asked to go and meet some rich and powerful man in the city, who could be of use later. When Arjun reaches the house, he is greeted by Bhumi. Their first meeting in the creepy old house is a cold exchange. Arjun says he wants to meet Vikram Burman. Hearing this, Bhumi angrily says he is called the Maharaj by everyone. He soon starts falling for her, but also has another lady love in his life. Well, there’s a big secret Bhumi is hiding too and when he learns about it, all hell breaks loose. In the end, Arjun watches her from another room as Bhumi mops blood on the floor. See for yourself:

    The storyline seems confusing because this trailer is too short to do justice to the script. But it has managed to keep us at the edge of our seats, promising an experience which will be worth the time. Even netizens are mighty impressed. In the comments below, one fan wrote: “This movie will be the turning point of Arjun Kapoor's life....Mark my words! 💯 People will forever remember him for his role ❤️💯”, whereas another shared, “this movie will be the turning point of arjun kapoor life❤❤.” A third comment read: “arjun kapoor is not simply acting,he is just living in that character💯🔥pure goosebumps overloaded😻”, whereas another netizen wrote: “Bhumii Really Nailed It.”

    What did you think of Arjun and Bhumi’s raw performance in The Lady Killer trailer?