The Rings of Power Episode 3 Review - The episode manages to dig deeper into Tolkein's mythology


    The Rings of Power

    Galadriel and Halbrand find themselves in the mythical city of Númenor

    Director :
    • Jason Cahill & Justin Doble
    Cast :
    • Morfydd Clark,
    • Charlie Vickers and Markella Kavenagh
    Genre :
    • Fantasy
    Language :
    • English
    Platform :
    • Amazon Prime Video
    The Rings of Power Episode 3 Review - The episode manages to dig deeper into Tolkein's  mythology
    Updated : September 16, 2022 03:16 PM IST

    The third episode sees Galadriel and her new traveling companion Halbrand in the city of Númenor, while once the city was seen as a symbol of friendship between Elves and Humans, now the city has closed off its borders.

    Despite their pleas both of them are not allowed to leave the island city and return to Middle Earth, meanwhile, Arondir and fellow soldiers are captured by the Orcs and forced to dig underground tunnels for their passage.

    The biggest highlight of the series so far is the visual scale and grandeur that is on display, the city of Númenor is a spectacle to look at and feels authentic.

    The acting especially by Morfydd Clark felt more genuine and relatable in this episode, especially her chemistry with Halbrand(Charlie Vickers).

    Despite switching between multiple storylines and different locations the pacing of the show is fine, the pace of the show should be appreciated as it is in sync with the source material and only helps to build tension during the action set pieces.

    There was a particular fight scene involving Halbrand and a few rowdy citizens that were well executed and bloody and a treat to watch.

    The episode ends with us catching a small glimpse of the leader of the Orcs a elf named Adar, and is hinted that he is non other than the dark lord Sauron himself.

    The series continues to be a solid watch and hopefully the fourth episode can maintain the momentum.

    The Rings of Power is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.