Amethi Election results - Smriti Irani’s defeat in Lok Sabha 2024 elections gives rise to memes on social media; take a look!

    This year’s results of the just concluded Lok Sabha elections saw many surprises, shocks and even memes! One such ‘meme-d’ candidate was the actor turned politician Smriti Irani!

    Smriti Irani’s defeat in Lok Sabha 2024 elections

    Smriti Irani’s defeat in Lok Sabha 2024 elections

    The results of this year's Lok Sabha elections were indeed happy-filled to many. At the same time, the results did bring a sad expression to the ones who did not make it to the winner’s list. One such candidate was the famous actress turned politician Smriti Irani, who was contesting from Amethi. Her rival candidate was Kishori Lal Sharma, an extremely close associate and a true-blue loyalist of the Gandhi family and has been working for the Congress party in Amethi for many years now.

    Even though the loss of Smriti Irani at the Lok Sabha elections came as a shock to many, at the same time, it also gave rise to many funny memes on social media about her loss! In other words, the netizens were having a field day on social media, thanks to the funny memes which were made about the loss of Smriti Irani at the Lok Sabha 2024 elections. There were many memes which were inspired from the clips which had been taken from Smriti Irani’s hit serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.

    There was one meme which became extremely popular on social media. This meme happens to be a photograph of Sachin Khedekar and the legendary actress Rakhi from the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Baadshah. For those who have seen the film will surely recall the said dialogue where Sachin Khedekar is seen telling Rakhi ‘Main tumhe ek lambi chhutti pe bhej raha hoon’. The meme stated that, while the character of Sachin Khedekar was the UP janta and the character of Rakhi was Smriti Irani. The significance of the line here was that, the YUP janta have now sent Smriti Irani on a lambi chutti (long holiday)!

    Presenting here are the other equally funny memes which centres around the actress turned politician and her unexpected loss at the Lok Sabha elections, wherein she had contested from Amethi.