'By Being a Dream': A throwback to Devi's relationship rollercoaster in Netflix's Never Have I Ever Season 3

    Season 3 of Netflix's hit, 'Never Have I Ever,' continued to deliver its trademark realness with Devi Vishwakumar's tumultuous relationships being at the core. As Devi matures, she experiences the ups and downs of teenage romance, notably with It Boy Paxton Hall-Yoshida. This piece explores the layers of Devi's love interests, the abrupt sinking of the 'Daxton' ship, and the subsequent lessons from these failed relationships.

    'By Being a Dream': A throwback to Devi's relationship rollercoaster in Netflix's Never Have I Ever Season 3

    Netflix's Never Have I Ever Season 3: A Tumultuous Teenage Love Story

    Netflix's popular young adult comedy, 'Never Have I Ever,' created by Mindy Kaling, had its Season 3 release last year, delivering another dose of its trademark 'charming, anxiety-inducing realness.' The quirky, hormone-driven life of teenager Devi Vishwakumar, marked by her father's sudden death and chaotic love interests, continued to captivate audiences.

    Diving Into The Depths of 'Daxton'

    Following a high-note ending to Season 2, with Devi and Paxton publicly rekindling their romance at the winter formal, the audience was taken aback when the ship, fondly dubbed 'Daxton,' sunk by the end of the third episode in Season 3. After much anticipation, the break-up seemed abrupt but inevitable.

    "It's just impossible to date someone you idealize or see yourself as 'lucky' to be with," A truth, especially in a teenage romance, Devi fails to grasp. Despite Paxton proving himself to be more than the prototypical popular guy, Devi can't shake off her insecurities about her worthiness for him, leading to the end of their relationship.

    The Complexity of Love and Self-Love

    "I really like you, Devi. But I don't think we can have a real relationship until you like yourself." These impactful words from Paxton carry a strong message. The conclusion of their relationship underscores that seeing someone as "too good" for you is a recipe for an unhealthy relationship. It often blinds you to red flags and prevents true intimacy.

    By the end of the season, Devi realizes and accepts the reasons her relationship with Paxton didn’t work out. She transitions through a mature relationship with another senior, eventually becoming single, and hovers on the edge of rekindling things with Ben, her old flame.

    "By being a dream," Devi tells Paxton at graduation, acknowledging that he got her through the death of her dad. The foundation of their relationship, as it turns out, was always a fantasy, a realization that marks a significant maturity leap for our fictional 17-year-old.

    A Mirror Reflecting the Messy Realness of Relationships

    Season 3 of 'Never Have I Ever' continued to serve its trademark realness in fresh and unexpected ways, with the trials and tribulations of teen romance striking a chord even with adult audiences.

    From the tumultuous 'Daxton' to Devi’s mother's friendship struggles, to Aneesa's heartbreaking realization, the show reminded us of the raw, messy, and fundamentally relatable relationships we've all endured.

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