Exclusive: The Fame Game star Gagan Arora was not allowed to meet Madhuri Dixit before they began filming

    Exclusive: The Fame Game star Gagan Arora was not allowed to meet Madhuri Dixit before they began filming

    Actor Gagan Arora shared the screen with Madhuri Dixit in her digital debut series, The Fame Game.


    Madhuri Dixit’s much awaited OTT debut The Fame Game finally arrived on streaming giant Netflix last month, and it was every bit worth the wait! Directed by Bejoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli, and backed by Karan Johar and Somen Mishra, the thriller series followed the story of superstar Anamika, played by Madhuri, who suddenly goes missing one day. While the story has garnered appreciation from the audience, the actress left fans in awe with her performance. But there’s another actor in the star cast who successfully impressed viewers with his versatility-- Gagan Arora, who portrayed the role of Anamika’s obsessive fan named Madhav.

    In an exclusive interview with Desimartini, Gagan revealed that to get the perfect ‘fan moment’ in the show, he was not allowed to meet Madhuri till their first take together. He shared, “You don’t expect to see Madhuri Dixit in real life, from where I’m coming from. It’s like yeh sapna hi hai, yeh kabhi hoga nahi hoga. And this is something that not a lot of people know.. if you have seen the show, I am playing an obsessive fan of hers. The directors made sure that I did not meet ma’am before our first take. So I would aise, like an actual fan, for 2 months.. because ours was in the second schedule, hers and my scenes were in the second schedule. So for the first schedule I, like a fan only, tried to get a glimpse here and there. I’d come two hours prior to my call time and stand, ki maybe I’ll get a glimpse, maybe I’ll get to talk to her, maybe I’ll get to introduce myself.”

    Gagan remembered, “But directors made sure, they were like we want that actual fan moment in front of the camera and want to see that. So I didn’t get to meet her. The first time I actually see her, is the scene that you guys have also seen when I go into a vanity and I’m talking to her. I think it actually helped because the moment I first saw her, I was actually so nervous that that scene played out really well. So the directors played it very smart.”

    Well, we can’t wait to see what happens to Gagan aka Madhav’s character in season 2!