'I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity': When Brandon Routh's departure from Legends Of Tomorrow crushed DC fans

    Fan-favorite actors Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford left the franchise in 2019.

    Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford

    Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford

    Big changes rolled into the 'Arrowverse,' in 2019 The $3.8 billion franchise's beloved superhero drama 'Legends of Tomorrow' waved goodbye to two integral stars - Brandon Routh, who has been masterfully donning the guise of Ray Palmer/Atom, and Courtney Ford, who portrays the enigmatic Nora Darhk.

    "Brandon and Courtney Have Been Invaluable" - Showrunners' Gratitude

    "Brandon and Courtney have been invaluable members of the Legends family," acknowledged the series' executive producers Phil Klemmer, Grianne Godfree and Keto Shimizu in a statement to Deadline. They hailed the pair's on-screen and off-screen contributions and expressed eternal gratitude for their profound dedication.

    Brandon Routh's journey with the 'Arrowverse' started as a recurring character in 'Arrow' and 'Flash,' and he was soon chosen to anchor 'Legends of Tomorrow.' His real-life wife, Courtney Ford, entered the scene in Season 3, only to be promoted to a regular role in the following season. Mirroring reality, the characters of Routh and Ford also share a romantic storyline on the show.

    "His Storyline is Pointed in Another Direction" - Brandon Routh on His Departure

    Regarding his departure, Routh expressed, "I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring the big-hearted and humorous Ray Palmer to life for our fans over the last 5 years, but unfortunately, his storyline is pointed in another direction." Despite his sorrow at leaving, he wished his 'Legends' family well.

    Courtney Ford shared her sentiments, stating, "Nora Darhk is very close to my heart. If it were my choice, I'd play her for years to come." She acknowledged the nature of storytelling and expressed her gratitude for the time she had spent playing Nora.

    The Door Remains Open for Routh and Ford

    In the constantly evolving realm of 'Legends of Tomorrow,' character turnover is a natural phenomenon. However, the showrunners are keeping the door ajar for Routh and Ford. "Of course, when we have had main characters in the past whose journeys take them away from the Waverider, it's never truly goodbye," they stated. They hinted at possible future appearances, adding to the anticipation of fans worldwide.

    Routh and Ford wrapped up filming their final episode in October 2019. Despite their farewell to 'Legends of Tomorrow,' Brandon Routh would end up returning to his Superman role in an 'Arrowverse' crossover.