Returns with a bang: Emma Roberts & Zachary Quinto in the new American Horror Story

    Power-shift in American Horror Story as co-creator Ryan Murphy hands over the reigns to Halley Feiffer. Also, Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto return, with the series getting a revamp by adapting a new horror novel for its twelfth season, Delicate.

    American Horror Story (Source: Harpar Bazaar)

    American Horror Story (Source: Harpar Bazaar)

    American Horror Story, the emblem of stylish horror and big scares on FX, is gearing up for its twelfth act, Delicate. This long-standing anthology series has faced turbulence over the years, dealing with mixed critical receptions and declining live television viewership, as reported by MovieWeb. Yet, streaming numbers are keeping the tally afloat. Twelve years into its run, Ryan Murphy, co-creator and long-serving show-runner, is stepping down – an innovative change that promises to breathe new life into this beloved series.

    "Murphy Passes the Torch to Feiffer"

    Ryan Murphy is making way for Halley Feiffer, an acclaimed playwright, who is set to commandeering the new season. As Murphy steps back into a producer role, this shift could signify a qualitative surge in the series that has always been about extremes - extremely captivating when it hits the mark, painfully awful when it falters. "American Horror Story has a precedent for redefining extremes. It captivates and horrifies in parallel measures," Murphy said. The changing of guards has historically benefitted shows like the MCU's Daredevil and Star Trek: The Next Generation. For American Horror Story, the anthological format certainly eases the transition.

    "Returning Gems and New Entrant Ignite Excitement"

    Adding to the excitement, the return of fan-favourites Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto, who previously lit the screen in Coven and Murder House respectively, is an inducement to devout fans. "Our goal is to gratify both new and old fans. Returning favorites Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto are sure to charm longtime admirers," Murphy stated. The buzz doesn't stop there – Kim Kardashian’s involvement is like adding petrol to fire, with comparisons to Lady Gaga’s casting in the series’ Hotel season.

    "Delicate: A Novel Inspiration"

    American Horror Story is breaking the mold yet again, this time by basing Delicate on a soon-to-be-released horror novel by Danielle Rollins. Thus, unlike its predecessors that were spun around original stories, the upcoming season stands a chance to be more conclusive, fulfilling and of higher quality.

    The book that serves as the inspiration, Delicate Condition, paints an eerie picture. It narrates the story of a woman named Anna, struggling to conceive. With her condition worsening due to a mysterious stalker, Anna believes something sinister is growing inside her. This unique approach could potentially help the new season avoid the pitfalls of its predecessors, providing a more straightforward narrative that allows the story to shine.

    Unfortunately, due to recent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the release date for American Horror Story: Delicate and the third season of American Horror Stories remains unknown.

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