Bigg Boss 16: Rajiv Adatia along with netizens slam Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik for celebrating Gori Nagori’s eviction

    Gori Nagori exited the Bigg Boss 16 house with a smile on her face last night. But Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik left netizens shocked as they celebrated her elimination.


    We have seen many old bonds break and new friendships begin in the Bigg Boss house. Season 16 is no different. Earlier this week Haryana’s Shakira Gori Nagori moved out of Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan ’s group to hang out with Archana Gautam, Soundarya Sharma and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Soon, Sajid and Shiv began accusing her of showing attitude and even declared her as a thief for taking food from their room and giving it to Soundarya. The filmmaker left her in tears when he continued to call her ‘chor’.

    Last night Salman Khan announced that Gori has been eliminated from the reality show. Post her exit, Sajid along with Abdu Rozik began mocking her and celebrated her elimination. The filmmaker stated that a bed is free now and added that one person’s ration will be saved. Well, season 15 contestant Rajiv Adatia is disappointed with Abdu and Sajid’s behavior. He tweeted: “The way Sajid Has danced with Abdu and his groups behaviour at Goris Eviction and mimicking her crying! Come on! That insensitive!! This year no attachment to people!! No sadness when someone leaves!! Gori used to be there friend! #bb16.”

    Many netizens have also slammed Sajid. Some even feel that he is responsible for turning Abdu into a ‘monster’. One tweet read: “The way they mocked #GoriNagori after she left... #SajidKhan has turned #AbduRozik into a monster. Unbelievable!!!” Meanwhile another netizen wrote: “#SajidKhan looked so negative and ruthless in yesterday's episode and he n #Abdu were so happy and dancing in #GoriNagori eviction.. How mean they can be... Heartless people.. she was in grp and supported them...” Take a look:

    Before announcing Gori’s elimination, Salman played a prank on the housemates. He told them that Priyanka will be leaving the house as she got the least number of votes. Salman then asked Ankit Gupta if he is sad about it, while the latter blamed himself. Later the host also decided to bring Archana back to the show. It was an eventful Weekend Ka Vaar indeed!