Bigg Boss 17 Day 101 Highlights: Mannara suffers meltdown, calls Ankita ‘chalak’; Vicky leaves after midweek eviction

    Vicky Jain was evicted from Bigg Boss 17 last night making Ankita Lokhande, Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui, Arun Srikanth Mashettey and Abhishek Kumar the finalists

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 101 Highlights: Mannara suffers meltdown, calls Ankita ‘chalak’; Vicky leaves after midweek eviction

    On the 101st day, the morning was full of emotions for the top 6 contestants. Manna Chopra sat alone before heading inside to take a nap. But little did anyone know that the actress actually broke down. Meanwhile Munawar Faruqui and Ankita Lokhande had a heart to heart chat. Munawar recalled the Diwali special episode when Mannara apparently kissed him on the cheek and he got uncomfortable. He further shared that as a man, he has noticed that Mannara likes him. Later in the day, Arun Srikanth Mashettey went to check on Mannara and found her lying on the floor.

    Mannara suffered from a meltdown and broke into tears. She told Arun that if he is evicted, she wants to go back home too. Mannara further accused all the contestants of being fake. Arun tried to make her understand that it's just a matter of 5 days. But Mannara kept crying. She shared that Ankita accused her of becoming friends with Vicky only for the game. However, Ankita came back inside the house and apologized to Mannara, leaving the latter uncomfortable and confused. Abhishek Kumar walked in on their conversation and told Mannara not to think too much, before leaving the room. Arun explained to Mannara that she should limit her conversations with Vicky and should maintain boundaries. Outside in the garden area, Vicky and Ankita spoke about relationships and the dynamics in the house.

    Later in the day Ankita went to check on Mannara who was sitting alone. But Mannara walked away. When Bigg Boss played the ‘kukda koo’ Munawar went to see if Mannara is feeling okay. But she just lay in bed, speechless. Munawar explained to her that all the narratives and questions can’t always be in her favour. Mannara broke down and called Ankita ‘chalak’, ‘dogla’ and confusing. Outside, when Arun shared that Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise affected people globally, Ankita smiled and revealed that it’s his birthday today. She then accused Mannara of making friendships according to convenience while Munawar tried to comfort latter. When Munawar came out, Ankita said she wants to console Mannara too but she’s scared.

    In the evening, Ankita reached out to Mannara again. She shared that she felt bad about dragging the latter in her answers to the media. But she now wants to end this feud once and for all. Ankita finally told Mannara to enjoy the last few days with everyone in the house. She also promised to be there for Mannara and make her feel secure about the topic whenever needed. Later at night Mannara asked Vicky how he was feeling after the press conference. Vicky told her he has learnt that it’s not always necessary to defend yourself. Sometime later Mannara got upset when she misunderstood something Munawar said. She left and the latter called her ‘bewakoof’ in anger. Once again, Arun spoke to her and gave her strength to cope.

    The next morning Mannara apologized to Munawar for her behaviour the night before. Later in the day Munawar looked for Bigg Boss all around the house, saying that the contestants miss him. In a one on one chat with Abhishek, Vicky shared that he should be the insecure partner in his relationship with Ankita. He confessed that he does get insecure but he cares more about his bond with his wife. Just then, Bigg Boss called all the contestants into the activity room. Bigg Boss called the top 6 contestants his favourite 6. But he added that it was now time for the reality show to get its 5 finalists. One by one the contestants had to come forward, open a bird's cage which had their name and read a verdict kept inside. Abhishek, Mannara, Munawar, Arun and Ankita emerged as the finalists while Vicky became the last contestant to be evicted before the finale.

    Ankita broke down and called Vicky the real winner for her. She said she's proud to be Vicky Jain's wife and said she doesn't care if he got less votes because he's the winner. But Vicky made her laugh when he said 'Sana, Khanzaadi I'm coming'. Post his exit Ankita was in tears while Arun sat alone in disbelief. Abhishek and Munawar, on the other hand, celebrated their victory.