Bigg Boss 17 Day 105 Highlights: Karan Kundrra, Pooja Bhatt enter the house; Tehelka’s wife calls Arun her ‘sautan’

    Karan Kundrra entered the Bigg Boss 17 house last night with other celebs to give contestants feedback

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 105 Highlights: Karan Kundrra, Pooja Bhatt enter the house; Tehelka’s wife calls Arun her ‘sautan’

    Bigg Boss broke his biggest rule when he decided to give the contestants of season 17 news from outside in last night’s episode. He welcomed senior journalist Dibang, who prepared celebs for questions they'll be asked outside the show. He began with Ankita Lokhande and told her that it looked like her husband Vicky Jain was overshadowing her. When asked if she was trying to hide his mistakes, Ankita said it's her responsibility to guide him. But she went on to add that he was insensitive and disrespectful sometimes so she tried to make him understand he was going wrong. When asked about her divorce comments, Ankita clarified that they were only joking. Dibang then pointed out that they had taken a break while dating. Ankita explained that they dated for a month but realized their love for each other a year later and got married. She further shared that he seems emotionally unavailable sometimes but takes very good care of her. Dibang then welcomed Ankita's friend and actress Amruta Khanvilkar. When asked how Ankita would face her in-laws when she goes out, Amruta explained that Ankita is full of confidence and lots of love, so she'll handle everything easily. But Amruta added that Ankita doesn't need to keep apologizing. She further revealed that it was Vicky's decision to come to Bigg Boss. Amruta reminded her that she's Ankita Lokhande and she became a finalist only because of her hard work.

    Up next came Mannara's turn. She shared she gets conscious when her last name is used. Dibang shared that Priyanka Chopra wished Mannara all the best on social media recently. When she was told that people outside think she got close to Munawar only because he's popular, Mannara clarified that if she wanted relationships like that, she would have bonded with Ankita who is better known in the industry. But she didn't. Dibang then invited Pooja Bhatt to help Mannara understand how she will deal with difficult questions outside. Pooja stated that Mannara is a queen and she's incredibly strong. Talking about her friendship with Munawar, Pooja explained that the entire world wants to link single women with someone or the other. Pooja also saluted Arun for always standing by Mannara and lauded both for never talking about the outside world. She further asked Mannara to be kind to Munawar because he has a lot going on.

    Munawar was next on the hot seat. When asked why he lied on the show, Munawar said he wasn't ready to let go of the relationship. Talking about his bond with Mannara, Munawar called it organic and genuine. He was quick with his answers but was stumped when asked how he would explain everything that happened to his 5 year old son. When asked if he lied about Nazila wanting to send his son to the hostel, Munawar said no. He explained that he was very happy when he got custody of his son, but Nazila wasn't ready for such a big responsibility. Munawar further clarified that he's single now and only wants to be close to his son. Karan Kundrra then joined them to support Munawar. Karan told Munawar he made a mistake, apologized and now it's time to move on. Karan shared that Munawar is not able to end or maintain his relationships and needs closure. Karan concluded that nobody can steal his talent and it's time to focus on work.

    Up next, Arun was accused of not doing any action in the show. When asked who he loves in the house, Arun named Tehelka and Mannara. Sharing what he learnt in the show, Arun stated that he has low confidence. But he understands the need to speak up. To support him, producer Sandiip Sikcand and Tehelka's wife Deepika Arya joined Dibang. Sandiip called Arun unique and lauded his relationship with Tehelka. He called Abhishek a bully and also took a dig at Ankita. Deepika, on the other hand, called Arun his 'sautan'.

    When Abhishek politely interacted with Dibang, latter trolled him for not being himself in front of him. Dibang also slammed him for not being ashamed of slapping Samarth Jurel and justifying it. He further called out Abhishek for watching past seasons and using the same formula. After taking Abhishek's class for a while Dibang invited Shalin Bhanot to the house. Shalin pointed out that Abhishek's mental health has been made a joke on the show and claimed that the latter has suffered a lot, which is why it's wrong to expect him to stay sane. Shalin further slammed the generation for having recordings of each other, referring to something Isha Malviya had mentioned earlier. Sharing two corrections that Abhishek needs to make, Shalin stated that he should be clear about his love matters and should be focused.