Bigg Boss 17 Day 2 Highlights: Abhishek gets a warning for his aggression, Mannara and Munawar come closer

    After settling in on day one, contestants showed their true colours on day 2 inside Bigg Boss 17. See for yourself

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 2 Highlights: Abhishek gets a warning for his aggression, Mannara and Munawar come closer

    After entering the Bigg Boss 17 house on the grand premiere with superstar host Salman Khan, celebrities took it easy on their first day in the show. However, after settling a little, we witnessed them opening up on their second day. While actor Abhishek Kumar shocked the housemates with his borderline violent behaviour, Mannara Chopra felt backstabbed after the first nominations of the season. Here’s a look at everything that happened in the BB house.

    Warning for Abhishek:

    The day began with contestants singing the brand new Bigg Boss anthem. This was followed by a ‘bathroom discussion’ between Abhishek, Sunny Arya and Arun Srikanth Mashettey. What began as a funny topic between boys soon turned into a major fight, with Abhishek instigating Arun by talking about his farts. They argued verbally for a bit before Abhishek began pushing Arun, with his hands behind his back. Sunny tried to tell Abhishek that he can’t get violent in the show, but this resulted in another altercation. Ultimately Bigg Boss slammed Abhishek and called this a pattern, before giving him a warning. The actor then apologized to Arun.

    Ankita's therapy:

    Later in the day Bigg Boss called Ankita Lokhande to the first house for therapy, to share her ‘dil ki Baat’. She got audio therapy where she was instructed to let her individuality shine, so she doesn’t get lost in the crowd. After coming out, Ankita decided to take charge and called out Anurag Dobhal for not completing the chores he was given. Soon a new discussion about the duties began, where even Munawar Faruqui slammed the motovlogger. It ended with Jigna Vora unleashing her wrath, as she ranted about TV actors not working.

    First Nominations-

    Calling the contestants experts, Bigg Boss asked for their feedback as a part of nominations. He asked the contestants to choose one celeb from their house who they think is a casting mistake, someone who shouldn't have been in the house. The popular choice for Dil Ka Ghar was Mannara, who got nominated for the week along with Navid Sole and Abhishek.


    Navid broke down, whereas Mannara also reduced to tears as she told Sunny that she has a connection with just him, Munawar and Anurag. She shared that she felt backstabbed, especially by Vicky, and called him out for double standards. Meanwhile Abhishek tried to convince Munawar that he's not a casting mistake. Ankita attempted to sort things between Vicky and Mannara but she refused to give in. When Vicky tried to hug her, the actress declined and said: “I don't want that negative energy.” Later Munawar and Mannara were called to the confession room. She broke down again and called Vicky clever before hilariously asking Bigg Boss to punish him and send him in another room to sleep for the night. Meanwhile Munawar laughed and called her cute. Later in a one on one conversation Munawar told Mannara she is the most real celebrity in the first room.


    Before lights out, Isha walked over to Mannara and accused her of being self obsessed and told her she puts everybody else down by saying she comes first in everything. Isha went on to call Mannara an ‘attention seeker’. But Mannara just called it her confidence. Later in another one on one discussion, Munawar asked Mannara not to drain her energy in these silly fights and told her to instead focus on- showing her happy and bubbly avatar to the housemates and audience.

    Well, at least someone is getting along in the house!